Solve Winter, Spring, Summer, Puzzle in God of War

God of War: There are many problems to be solved that are optional and mandatory over the various areas this game lets gamers discover.

 This puzzle has to do with seasons is a mandatory one and can be challenging to solve. 

This is a way to figure out the spring, winter, autumn, summer puzzle from God of War.

How to Solve Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn Seasons Puzzle in God of War

The puzzle is reveal in the middle of the night when Atreus is reading from a Sand bowl as Kratos is working on his plan to cut through the thick layer of ice and then get a massive chisel into Midgard.

The sand-bowl riddle will reveal the sequence of a circular cycle for all four seasons.

The trick is a reverse sequence that Atreus informs you about because the riddle refers to the cycle as “retrograde,” meaning it should be reversed.

Then, throw the ax over and flip the panels over to spring, summer, autumn, and winter from left to right.

The symbols should look like a leaf, followed by sun, flowers, and finally a snowflake.

This is how it should appear: Press the button on Atreus after putting things in the proper order to resolve the puzzle.

 It will start to heal itself and climb to the top of the room when the clock reverses.

The game is over. 

Puzzle, but be ready for battle as the platform climbs. Kratos will have to defend Atreus as he plays with the sand bowl. 

The game will see you take out waves of enemies within a time limit, and failing could cause everything to destroy again.

This is all you must be aware of what you can do to resolve the winter, spring, summer, and autumn seasons problem in God of War.