Mina the Hollower Is The Next Game of Yacht Club Games

Mina the Hollower: Yacht Club Games is best known for its role as the famous independent game Shovel Knight. 

It was the product of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that succeeded in achieving the goals of all its supporters.

 After the game’s launch, the company has begun developing and launching different games. 

At the Yacht Club Games Presents event on the 21st of May, they revealed their next game, Mina, the Hollower.

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Yacht Club Game Returns Kickstarter

Mina The Hollower is an ode to past video games with the 8-bit art style and top-down perspectives. 

The players play as Mina Mouse, a creature that battles against enemies with whips while exploring deep dungeons.

 The game is the first with nothing to do with Shovel Knight.

 Yacht Club Games will use Kickstarter to finance Mina the Hollower.

The game was announced during the Yacht Club Games event on this morning’s episode of X-Play; the game went live on Kickstarter.

 Within one hour, the game hit the goal of $100,000. Alec Faulkner, the game’s creator, has this to say on Kickstarter: “Though we’re financing the majority of this game by ourselves, we’d like to think that we can make an extensive game by using this method. 

In addition, we hope to create an online community around Kickstarter similar to what we have done with shovels Knight.”

Mina the Hollower is still being developed; however, we have raised a substantial amount of funds through Kickstarter; the game is likely to last for some time.