Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet – How to Cure It?

Project Zomboid Nauseous: Project Zomboid, a post-apocalyptic video game in which players must survive in a zombie-infested world, is called. 

As difficult as it sounds, zombies can be a problem for the players. Hunger, sickness, starvation, and exhaustion can all-cause death. 

There are 19 significant moodlets in the game that can identify the character’s problem. 

Sub-moodlets are also available for these major moodlets. These sub-moodlets often indicate how severe the mood is. 

Characters often have to be worried about sub-moodlets in the later stages. For example, one sub-mood of Project Zomboid is Nauseous. Read below to learn more about the moodlet and how you can fix it.

Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet

What is it?

The second sub-moodlet in the Sick mood is the Nauseous Moodlet. 

This means that the character is suffering from a worsening illness. This is Queasy, the first Sick submoodlet.

 It means that the character should be restrained. A feeling which is feeling weak will experience Nauseous moodlets. 

Their healing speed will be slower. Therefore, this sub-moodlet could become sick and be taken care of immediately. 

The character’s strength and healing abilities will be severely affected if it becomes sick. 

In addition, it can be challenging to make a recovery from Fever and Sick sub-moodlets. 

A character will likely succumb to the Fever if they do.  


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What Causes a Character to Get Nauseous in Project Zomboid

A character can get the Nauseous submoodlet in Project Zomboid for various reasons. Let’s start at the top and work our way down. 

Zombie infection is the most common reason a character might feel nauseated in Project Zomboid. 

If a character has been fighting against zombies in the past, the wound may have become infected. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in such situations. You will have to start again as the character will gradually become a zombie.

Other reasons than the most dramatic may cause Nausea in Project Zomboid. 

One character might have eaten something that causes Nauseous moodlet.

 Queasy and Nauseous sub-moodlets almost always result from rotten or raw foods.

 An infected injury could also be a reason for Nauseous.

 To check if there are any infected injuries, refer to the list. 

If they are, you should immediately treat them.

 Untreated, infected injuries can cause Nauseous Sub-moodlet and even death. 

Common injury infections are the only ones that show up on the list. Zombie injury infections are not included. 

It can be challenging to heal deep wounds in this game. 

Project Zomboid: How to Heal a Deep Wound. Learn how you can heal serious injuries in the game.

These aren’t the only causes of Nausea. It can also happen if the character is experiencing extreme pain or has been exposed too long to heat in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid: How to Cure the Nauseous Moodlet?

Project Zomboid is the source of the Nauseous Modlet. Unfortunately, as we have said before, there is no way to save your character from an infected zombie wound. However, we have compiled a list of possible cures for you.

Rest will quickly heal a character who is sick. While Nauseous, ensure that they get enough rest and food. This will allow them to heal quickly.

Also, improving your cooking skills will result in better-quality meals and a happier character.

 Quality furniture can also be important. For example, a higher-quality bed, such as a Bed, will better night’s sleep.

Heat exposure: Have you been outside in the heat? Project Zomboid can make them feel nauseated.

 Make sure that your character wears appropriate clothing for the weather.

 Your character will feel the same way as anyone else. For example, wearing a sweater during the sweltering heat can make you feel nauseated. 

Take the Nausea-causing heat exposure victim inside for a few minutes. Use liquids and wear lighter clothing. 

This will eventually cure the Nauseous Moodlet.

Infected Injury or Pain: Nausea can result from an infected injury. You can treat the wound by regularly cleaning it and bandaging it.

 Deep wounds require more attention than regular ones. You can also take medication if you are in severe pain.

Food: Your character may feel nauseated if they have eaten rotten or uncooked food. 

This is a natural symptom that can be fixed by letting it go. In the meantime, make sure that your character gets plenty of rest and eats healthy.

This is all you need to know about fixing the Nauseous sub-moodlet of Project Zomboid.