Best Starter House Ideas in Minecraft

Starter House Ideas in Minecraft: Are you just beginning to learn about Minecraft? We bet you’re searching for the most effective ideas for a Starter House.

 It can be difficult, as the arguments for homes, for starters, can differ from person to individual. 

We know how complicated this could be; that’s why we’ve created the information you need.

 We will give you the top 5 Starter House ideas in Minecraft. With these designs, you’ll start your project in the shortest amount of time. 

The greatest part? You don’t even have to be a professional to master these builds.

5 Best Starter House Ideas in Minecraft – Best Builds & Blueprints

Compact Minimalistic Starter House Idea in Minecraft

The name is enough. The main focus of this design is to keep the design simple and minimal but still functional. 

The entire construction is set on a 5-x5 work area. Although the building is elementary, you can make a few changes based on your requirements.

 For instance, you could put up a roof that protects your home from elements. 

Additionally, you could dig beneath the ground to create libraries or storage areas if you wish to.

Another benefit of this home design is that it can be built quickly. 

Its compact size allows it possible to create in a short time. 

In addition, if you find that your home has begun to look too tiny to be home, You can always increase the size without stressing about it.

Underground Bunker

The Underground Bunker Starter House built in Minecraft is an excellent choice if you are in search of a solution that is minimalist yet enough to meet all of your living requirements. 

One of the most appealing aspects of living in a home is the seemingly endless possibilities for expansion according to your preferences and taste.

Although you might be underground and seem isolated from the world, there’s no need to be concerned. 

The reason is that the building is equipped with an insulated glass roof.

 This means that you can look at the stars and the sky anytime you wish to.

Cave House/Hobbit House

What’s more exciting than having your very own home in an underground cave, like the hobbit? 

The good news is that you can create that and much more with this basic house in Minecraft.

Building a home building a house in Minecraft is straightforward. It is essential to ensure that you select the appropriate mountain to build your dream home.

 What’s lovely about a hobbit or cave home is the capacity to expand in a wide range, using the only limit being your imagination. 

Your options. It is possible to add everything, from storage space to a library or even an additional living space.

 It’s your choice which means the options are endless!


Do you want to revisit those fantastic childhood memories that you shared with your pals?

 Then you’ll be ecstatic to learn that you can create your treehouse using Minecraft.

All you have to do is locate the correct tree before starting the building. 

The prerequisites for building the house will be contingent on the type of house you’re searching for. 

A more enormous, elaborate treehouse will require a significant amount of supplies and building materials; however, a more minor and simple treehouse is easy to build.

Japanese-Style Starter House

Few structures can spell Zen as this serene start-up house in Minecraft.

 The Japanese-inspired design is adorned with peaceful elements identical to Japanese culture.

 In this style, you’ll be in the midst of lush vegetation and fish ponds.

Although this building may initially seem simple to admire, you’ll enjoy living in this peaceful setting.

Here you are. These are the top 5 Starter House design ideas in Minecraft. 

No matter which of these homes you build, you’ll end up living in a stunning home. 

Furthermore, you’ll also be enjoying making these houses.

So now that you are aware of the best home starter designs, it’s time to start playing by reading our Minecraft guides to find out more about this fantastic game by Mojang.