Sega confirms Sonic Origins fixes are on the way

Sonic Origins seems to be one of the greatest titles to purchase this summer for many nostalgic Sonic fans.

Sonic Origins, which combined four classic Sonic games into a single bundle, sought to introduce new players to the franchise while allowing seasoned fans to revisit some of their favorite titles.

Sonic Origins adds Mirror Mode, which reverses the original levels to offer players a new challenge, along with other elements in addition to just remastering vintage Sonic games.

Fans’ reactions to Sonic Origins were conflicted despite the buildup to its debut. Even though many people were happy to get access to their beloved games once again, Sonic Origins came out with several problems that some gamers could not overlook.

The Sonic community on the internet has requested that the faults in the collection be repaired along with alterations to the original games, such as removing certain music from Sonic 3. Sega has now reacted.

The social media manager for Sega of America, Katie Chrzanowski, tweeted to Sonic fans to let them know that the game’s flaws would soon be fixed. According to Chrzanowski, the Sonic Origins development team has “been listening” and is actively “solving a multitude of bugs.”

Although it was not specified when these patches would be included in Sonic Origins or how many of its problems would be fixed when the first patch ultimately appeared, gamers may at least feel comforted in knowing that improvements are being made.

Despite Chrzanowski’s tweet’s ambiguity, Sonic Origins improvements will arrive sooner rather than later. Sonic Origins’ creators have also voiced their discontent with the status of the remake, in addition to Sega stating the issues with the game.

Simon Thomley, CEO of Headcannon, recently acknowledged that although he was pleased with the Sonic Origins team for their hard work, many were dissatisfied with how it was received upon release. He said that the company is ready to return for post-release upgrades.

A 2022 Sonic game that had a mixed reception from fans has added to the pressure on Sega’s next open-world game with the eponymous blue hedgehog.

The devoted Sonic fan base is keeping a close check on Sonic Frontiers to ensure it can live up to expectations since it now faces a lot of strain. Although worries are already developing, it’s feasible that Sonic Frontiers may disprove them later this year.