Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes: Sega of America and Roblox developer Gamefam collaborated on Sonic Speed Simulator, a popular fan-made game on Roblox

The game has over 20K active players and has had over 300 million visitors. Since its initial release on Roblox earlier this year, the free-to-play online game has received several upgrades, including new characters, levels, etc.

This week, the Sonic devs held a live broadcast for Sonic Central 2022, during which they revealed a new code that Sonic Speed Simulator users may use to acquire an Exotic Amy-themed Chao. 

Chao first appeared in the Sonic franchise with Sonic Adventure. They’re cute critters that can foster to become stronger and develop into other forms.

Game users will find a list of all currently active codes for the game and a section on how to redeem those codes in-game below.

Active Codes In Sonic Speed Simulator

Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox users may use the following codes to get cool prizes like unique Chao and free boosts. 

As of this writing, these are the only codes that work, and we don’t know when they’ll expire, so use them as soon as possible. 

It’s important to remember that you can only use each code once.

  • Amazing35 – Free Boosts
  • 25k- Free boost
  • Riders- Unlock the Sonic Riders outfit with green shades
  • Soniccentral- Exotic Amy Chao
  • thumbs up Special Bloxian Chao

Sonic Speed Simulator: Redeeming Codes

Now, click the Shop button to redeem coupons in Sonic Speed Simulator at the bottom of the screen. 

On the next menu screen, there will be a Redeem Codes option. Enter the code and then click the large blue Redeem button.

Sonic Speed Simulator: How to Play

To play Sonic Speed Simulator, users must first create a Roblox account and then search for the game using the search bar on the official website.

Make sure it’s the proper one among the many fan-made Sonic-inspired games on Roblox.