14 Best PowerPoint Alternatives to Escalate Your Presentations

Whenever we talk about any presentation either for businesses or educational purposes, PowerPoint is the first name that clicks in mind. A software managed by Microsoft, with tons of professionally-designed templates, layouts, icons, etc. has marked a representable impact. Why not! Microsoft PowerPoint has carved out a place for itself in the domain of presentations. Nevertheless, have you ever given a second thought to Microsoft PowerPoint? Are you still using boring old downslide presentations and brazen bullet points? Even Microsoft PowerPoint has many limitations. However, if you would like to articulate your thoughts and ideas through the presentation, we won’t keep you waiting longer! Hence, find out the best promising PowerPoint Alternatives that fit with your specific requirements.

Which Presentation Software Or App Is Appropriate For You?

Remember, just words won’t make your presentation excellent. So you have to understand what your criteria and needs are. Additionally, you will need a creative idea to make your presentation a perfect one.

Best Powerpoint Alternatives

However, before getting into the discussion, these are the three vital aspects of the compelling slideshow presentation you should consider:

  • Firstly, you will have full customizations, a wide range of pro tools
  • Following that, attractive templates and seamless collaborations.
  • Above all, a highly secured and user-friendly interface.

By the same token, are you ready to get started with the list of alternative software that you can use instead of PowerPoint? If yes, let’s dive in!

Best Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives With Key Features

Keeping in mind, we’ve classified PowerPoint Alternatives in two different categories with related features. These applications are not only easy to run but also provides you with awesome user experience. Hence, take a look at our list of alternatives.

Best Online PowerPoint Alternatives


PowerPoint Alternatives

Prezi presentation has a different approach, with its designer templates and millions of reusable presentations. A high-end professional presentation that has more engaging power than Microsoft PowerPoint. Additionally, you will get to have an amazing user experience.

Moreover, ti’s pan and zoom features make it an impressive and impactful presentation tool. You can consider Prezi as one of the best free online PowerPoint alternatives that bring your ideas into dynamic presentations.


  • Customized graphics, design templates, and reusable presentations.
  • Pan and zoom feature to emphasize your projects.
  • A cloud-based online tool with a 14days free trial.
  • Smart branding, super handy, and seamless collaboration.


Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Are you relying on the Apple operating system?

With no alternatives, like PowerPoint, it also provides the same features with more cinematic high-quality transitions. So, you can create beautiful presentations with unique templates without wasting time.

Apple Keynote app excels in every aspect: High-level layouts, customizable tools, clean UI, and many more. The cloud versions can be accessed by any web browser and compatible with Apple devices.


  • It provides real-time collaboration so that you can access your presentation anywhere by using your mobile phone, iMac, iOS devices.
  • More than 30+ eye-catching themes, you can create an extensive presentation.
  • Facility to use Apple pencil to create diagrams and illustrations.

Google Slides

What are the best PowerPoint Alternatives

You can understand the brand value by its name. This is one of the best online presentation alternatives to PowerPoint that provides real-time collaboration between editors to share files.

Additionally, Google Slides provides a large collection of predefined templates and several transitions that excel in your presentation file. Thus, it makes your ideas vibrant with a variety of presentation themes, fonts, and charts e.t.c.


  • Its high-level security and cloud-based intelligence functions have made it a reliable tool.
  • It comes in one single package; you can sync your works in drive and access it with your Google account.
  • Flexible and scalable.


PowerPoint Alternatives

A top-notch presentation software & App for professionals with a massive collection of templates and pro-tools. It’s drag and drops feature helps you to create your visual data and infographics into your slide decks.

However, Visme is a cloud-based presentation tool that makes your work easier by auto-generated URL functions for collaboration.


  • You can add media files like video, audio, and objects, charts to make your presentation more engaging.
  • It has a password protection function that is highly secured for professionals.
  • More than 100 assets like fonts, images, icons, templates, etc.


Best Powerpoint Alternative

Powerful presentation software that creates slides in a minute using artificial intelligence. An award-winning presentation tool that designs it’s presentation automatically.

Moreover, with Slidebean online presentation software, you need to input your content, and it will design a dynamic presentation without any designer. So take a look at its specs now.


  • Designer templates, professional tools to meet your requirements.
  • It can automatically recognize the images from the library and align them properly.
  • Create a beautiful presentation in a minute.

Haiku Deck

PowerPoint Alternatives Online

Haiku Deck is an easy to handle presentation software with a wide range of templates. The sole idea is to focus on a single idea at a time.

Hence, it helps editors to choose powerful images from a vast library and consistent formatting across presentation to present data clearly.


  • This one is a cloud based presentation software, which allows users to access files with connected devices.
  • Haiku Deck offers you to build presentations 10x faster than other Apps.

LibreOffice Impress

PowerPoint Alternatives Free

If we talk about an open-source, free application for the presentation, then LibreOffice Impress is a highly efficient PowerPoint alternative.

It provides drawing and diagramming tools like PowerPoint to excel in the look of your presentation. Furthermore, it allows users to add features like lists, tables, multimedia files, audio, video, and other elements. You can control the order of the slideshows in a sequential manner.


  • Add attractive 2D & 3D images from text.
  • Display your slides in sequential order.
  • LibreOffice Impress provides a versatile range of templates, various modes of the outline, inline notes.


PowerPoint Alternatives for Mac

The unique concept of this free online presentation software is to make videos in a minute. Powtoon allows you to create stories, animated illustrations for your presentation. Hence, you can expect your assignment to be a perfect one when done with Powtoon.

Additionally, you can use your own library to create a presentation with fantastic characters, background, videos, and upload your own for free. Thus, it’s one of the best apps that you can use instead of PowerPoint.


  • Powtoon works well with the voice over and integrates it with your script to create an attractive animated video.
  • Drag and drop function to navigate & add visual elements to your presentation.
  • It’s free online software that allows you to create a presentation in a minute.


PowerPoint Alternatives for Windows 10

Last but not least, we can’t skip this highly recommendable software from the list. Glisser has ranked first place when we talk about the online presentation software in the market. Moreover, it has won the Tech competition in Expo 2019 because of the audience engagement platform.

Also, Glisser is ISO 27001 certified software that provides high quality and security to its users. Hence, you are entirely covered and will get a high-end user experience as well. Above all, it offers you to share your slides in real-time and add interactive elements to your presentation.


  • Glisser shares slide in real-time for collaboration and use audience interaction with proper analytics.
  • An award-winning presentation tool with ISO 27001 certification.
  • Highly secured and compatible with every device over the internet.

Top PowerPoint Alternatives Offline


Best PowerPoint Alternative Software

Are you looking for a simple free presentation application? Canva contains a huge number of templates and designs; thus, you can express your imagination and words through the presentation. In addition to this, you can edit already existing images and make it a perfect fit for your project.

Besides, Canva is a free presentation tool that offers you to create fantastic looking presentations with no hassles. Hence, this app is worth a try!


  • It has hundreds of professionally designed templates, layouts.
  • Easy to use allows drag and drop features.


What is the best PowerPoint Alternative Software

Simplicity at its best, Beautiful.ai, allows users to create intensive presentations within a minute. You just need to incorporate your innovative ideas, choose a template to build a beautiful presentation instantly.

Once you get started with the software, definitely, you are going to have an awesome experience. So, take a look at the features now.


  • Create beautiful presentations without wasting time.
  • Need to provide content, slides will automatically adapt them.
  • Free software with millions of icons, templates, and images.


PowerPoint Alternatives for Windows 10

SlideDog is the best presentation software that offers you to create powerful multimedia presentations. If compared to PowerPoint, SlideDog helps you to switch between presentation files seamlessly.

With this in mind, it effectively combines prizes, PDF files without harming the quality.


  • Create powerful multimedia presentations.
  • It helps to combine and compress the size of pdf files, images without changing the quality.
  • It creates a presentation playlist combining different files and media.


PowerPoint Alternatives

FlowVella is an interactive platform to create beautiful presentations with analytics, insights, and more options. Furthermore, this app works on iMac, iOS, iPhone, and other Apple devices.

However, if you want to work offline, this is another trusted software that combines images, words, PDFs, and transforms into an interactive story.


  • The best app that supports offline functions and works without an internet connection.
  • It allows us to combine pdfs, images, and words to create an impressive presentation.
  • It also helps you to create a shareable custom URL.


PowerPoint Alternatives for Winds PC

Coming to the bottom of this list, this is another free offline presentation tool to build animated and lucrative presentations on any topic. Moreover, it provides unlimited canvases with zoom-in function without blurring the quality. So get started with Focusky now to create amazing projects.

Additionally, you will get lots of animation, transition effects, and characters to create and publish your videos easily.


  • Easy to use, it provides tons of transition effects, multimedia files, animation.
  • The best free offline tool with a mind-blowing interface.

Hold on! There’s a lot more to come, apart from this above-stated presentation software and apps. Hence, have a quick look and jot down all the points if you have skipped anything.

18 Online PowerPoint Alternatives That are Worth a Try!

  1. Prezi
  2. Keynote
  3. Google Slides
  4. Visme
  5. Slidebean
  6. Haiku Deck
  7. LibreOffice Impress
  8. Powtoon
  9. Glisser
  10. Renderforest
  11. Zoho Show
  12. Ludus One
  13. Vyond
  14. Emaze
  15. OnlyOffice
  16. SnagIt
  17. Camtasia
  18. Slidesnack

10 Offline PowerPoint Alternatives You Should Have Today!

  1. Canva
  2. Beautiful.ai
  3. SlideDog
  4. FlowVella
  5. Focusky
  6. Academic Presenter
  7. Slidecaptain
  8. Bunkr
  9. Slideshare
  10. DocketZoom

Undoubtedly, this guide will help you to choose the best PowerPoint Alternative as per your convenience. However, you can find more software and apps in the market, but before you finalize one, always consider the points mentioned above because we have prepared this list after putting in extensive research work. For further queries, drop a comment in the below box. Indeed, we will be there to resolve it. Stay connected for more tech updates. Sayonara!

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