TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote Desktop Assistance

A number of users are facing issues with TeamViewer remote desktop assistance, during the course of use. Are you also on the same page? Fret not! Here we’ve discussed 8 best TeamViewer alternatives to help you out. Scroll down to know more.

In a technologically enhanced and fast-moving world, Remote Desktop has played a significant role in the development of business organizations and IT sectors. Across the globe, all modern businesses use Remote Desktop to maximize productivity. Additionally, the remote desktop assistance applications have a major role to play to ensure the smooth functioning of the administrative tasks.

Without a doubt, TeamViewer has secured a top-notch place in the remote desktop access software market that provides connectivity services virtually, such as file sharing, online conferences, controlling client computers, any IT support and other remote functionalities over the internet.

TeamViewer Alternatives

But the catch is within the change of time. Especially, in the field of technological prospects, TeamViewer has failed to maintain its position, and that’s why users are looking for better TeamViewer alternatives. As for starters, the Software/ App is not easy to handle and configure, which results in security threats & other technical problems in particular.

However, we’ve provided 8 best TeamViewer alternatives here along with proper details of each. Have a look now and install the suited one to get your job done. Here you go!

Why users are more inclined towards TeamViewer Alternatives?

There are lots of unsecured free versions of TeamViewer available in the software market, where unknown third parties and unverified vendors can easily get access to your support system and hack the essential documents, personal information, banking details and lots more.

Another major undeniable issue is that for regular business purposes, the use of TeamViewer is not at all cost-effective. If anyone is planning to set up the licensed version, it’s highly expensive. Also, the company needs a high-end technician to operate the whole process.

Hence, several complaints have been registered by the users regarding weak remote management systems against the hacking attempts.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives in 2020:

Here we talk about these 8 TeamViewer alternatives which will provide you with the best remote desktop access with better security and quality in this competitive and expensive market.

Let’s check them out…

1. Anydesk

teamviwer alternative free

First and the foremost remote desktop connection tool that every business company prefers is Anydesk. Similar to TeamViewer, Anydesk provides the same functionalities with better security and quality.

The best and most attractive point of Anydesk is the fastest data transmission, as it has a very low latency level. It helps transfer the media files ( Images, Videos, Documents e.t.c) smoothly along with 60 FPS screen sharing facilities.

Undoubtedly, Anydesk provides high-level TLS 1.2 encryption mostly used by the banks for security purposes.

Anydesk is the fastest and affordable remote desktop connection software that runs on all platforms: Windows, Mac iOS, Linux Redhat and it’s highly recommendable.

App info:

  • Size 12.85MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 10M+ downloads
  • 4.3* Rating


  • Highly secured.
  • Less space required.
  • Low latency and fast data transmission rate.
  • No limitations or restrictions in the free version.


  • Bugs problem.
  • The screen drawing feature isn’t available.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

You can understand the brand value by its name. Google has developed its own remote desktop connection Software/ App, which is very reliable and user-friendly. It has given a good competition to the TeamViewer in recent years, as it’s easy to configure and completely free.

Moreover, you can run Chrome Remote Desktop in all operating systems like Linux Redhat, Mac iOS, Ubuntu, etc. without any lack of to access your device virtually anywhere. If you don’t have a requirement for heavy usage, then Google Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

Apps info:

  • Size 7.6MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 10M+ downloads
  • 4.2* Rating


  • Totally free access.
  • Use on any platform.
  • Light and very easy to configure.


  • Lack of features.
  • Not for heavy use.

3. LogMeln

teamviwer alternatives

If you need simple and quick Remote Desktop Access, LogMeln is another best application. The application is mainly for small & medium businesses uses. Since, the software focuses on low internal connections, you can access your home and work computers on the go.

LogMeln provides a 1 TB Cloud storage facility. Hence, you can share your data & files securely from your Computer and Android devices through that storage. LogMeln has given a fair competition against the TeamViewer in terms of cost efficiency, security and privacy policy.

The application is equipped with Bitdefender Antivirus that protects your computer from these malicious Viruses like Trojan, Ransomware, and Malwares. So everything you need is now at your fingertips.

Apps info:

  • Size 12MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 1M+ downloads
  • 3.3* Rating


  • Antivirus protection.
  • Good cloud storage facility.
  • Easy access for Android, Mac OS users


  • The free version isn’t available
  • Video, Sound, and chat quality features are not up to the mark.

4. Mikogo

teamviwer alternatives 2020

Mikogo becomes a good TeamViewer alternative. Most users prefer and recommend this software for easy access to your remotely connected devices. TeamViewer has a complicated set-up function, but Mikogo offers easy steps to configure an end-to-end connectivity system without any hassle.

Despite having a monthly subscription value of $48, which is slightly expensive, Mikogo is still more affordable than TeamViewer. Mikogo app allows people to join the desktop sharing connections from the Android mobiles and devices. Last but not least, for live presentations and online conferences, Mikogo is considered as one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

Apps info:

  • Size 27KB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 10k+ downloads
  • 3.0* Rating


  • Best for Live chat sessions.
  • Easy admin set-up process.
  • Access from your Android phone & Devices.


  • Fewer features.
  • Slightly expensive.

5. Splashtop

best teamviwer alternatives

More than 15 million users are believing and trusting Splashtop. Hence, it’s evident that Splashtop is one of the best Remote Desktop Access applications for PC/MAC. Splashtop focuses on high-level security for its users. Therefore you can access your computers using Android phones & Devices from anywhere, anytime. Indeed, it gives the best video streaming performance online on a local area network.

Splashtop provides on-demand support as it allows MSPs, which centralizes the customer relationship management, helpdesks, IT Documentation works, and service providers to provide ad-hoc support to clients. Moreover, to run the functions, the client doesn’t need to install any software.

Another best thing about Splashtop software is it’s totally free if you’re using it to access the devices on Local area connection remotely.

Apps info:

  • Size 17MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 5M+ downloads
  • 4.4* Rating


  • Enjoy 3D games and flash games.
  • Free on the local area network connection.
  • Compatible with all portable android devices.
  • High Resolution, real-time video and audio streaming.
  • You can access up to 5 computers via your Splashtop account.


  • CPU usage and memory consumption are high.
  • The free version is available only on Local area networks.

6. UltraVNC

teamviwer alternative download

Let’s talk about an ‘old fashioned’ or a classic user interface that supports remote access connection to your desktop and other electronic devices. UltraVNC works only on local area networks, and it requires a good speed to run the programs, even so, it provides a satisfying performance in cloud data sharing.

However, just like other desktop remote access tools, UltraVNC allows users to control the client’s pc remotely using the mouse and keyboard from any place, anytime. Moreover, it provides a password- protection function to each remote computer and all sessions are encrypted.

Since UltraVNC has an authenticated look for easy and safe access to your desktop, it could be considered as a gentle TeamViewer alternative from the list.

Apps info:

  • Size 12MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 1M+ downloads
  • 4.7* Rating


  • Free Software.
  • Stream compressed video files.
  • Easy and old school user interface.


  • High usage and low quality.
  • It works only on the local area network connection.
  • Need high-speed internet, and VPN to connect over the web.

7. Supremo Remote Desktop

best teamviwer alternatives for free

Supremo Remote Desktop is a powerful tool. Not only that but also an easy and complete solution for remote desktop connection and support. This one is very fast and secure to access a remote PC virtually in just a few seconds.

Besides, Supremo is very reliable and compatible with USilio, the IT Management Console protected by AES-256 Bit-Encryption. Also, it allows the user’s interface to customize the logo of the company and other content management which TeamViewer doesn’t allow.

With Supremo remote desktop, you can control PCs and Servers from your personal devices. Moreover, its features make it one of the best applications in the software market that will enrich your remote desktop computing.

Apps info:

  • Size 20MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 100K+ downloads
  • 3.9* Rating


  • Cloud synced address book.
  • Performs Multi-display functions.
  • Secure remote control access with AES-256 Encryption.


  • Minor Bugs.
  • Voice support is not available.

8. Remote Utilities

teamviwer alternatives

Another notable free Remote Desktop Access tool. Remote Utilities doesn’t charge you to use its program. Also, the tool allows you to make secure and firm connections with any of the devices you’re monitoring and controlling from a central system.

Furthermore, Remote Utilities not only connects the computer remotely but also performs functions such as File editing, copying documents. But, it doesn’t have a handful of features. Though this app is a mobile version of the Viewer, you can use it for free to connect to your remote PCs from mobile devices.

Apps info:

  • Size 12MB
  • Rated for 3+
  • 50K+ downloads
  • 3.5* Rating


  • Android x64 support.
  • Connect by an IP Address and easy to use.
  • Share the remote desktop view on your mobile and tablet anywhere.


  • Fewer features.
  • The host module is required in order to connect to a remote PC.

15+ Extensive TeamViewer Alternatives

We haven’t finished yet, apart from this above-stated software and applications there are a few more best TeamViewer alternatives listed below that you can keep in mind for remote desktop assistance. Finally, take a look.

  1. Ammyy Admin
  2. ThinVNC
  3. WebEx meetings
  4. NoMachine
  5. CrossOver
  6. Bomgar
  7. Apple Remote Desktop
  8. Cisco WebEx
  9. AnyMeeting
  10. Goverlan Reach
  11. Unified Remote
  12. Codenvy
  13. Zoho Assist
  14. UltraViewer
  15. RemotePC
  16. Lite Manager

However, while choosing the best TeamViewer alternative always ensure checking its features and utility. Else, you may end up disappointing yourself again.

One Application & Many Variants

If you are still relying on the same TeamViewer for your Remote Desktop Access, come out of it and explore these new applications to improve your IT Framework. Above all, depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose any one of the TeamViewer alternatives mentioned above and categorized with its specifications. For further queries drop it in the comment box below. We will get in touch with you right away. Stay connected for more tech updates. That’s all!