20 Best CCleaner Alternatives in 2021 – Download for Free

Looking for a CCleaner Alternative that you can use in 2020 instead of the original software? This post will help you to pick the right one. Here, I’ll list over 20 Best CCleaner Alternatives that will make you forget the original CCleaner.

Best CCleaner Alternatives 2021

Best CCleaner Alternatives

CCleaner is a popular PC cleaning tool for Windows and Mac developed and published by Piriform. This program is used to clean junk files, cache data, cookies, unwanted files, and invalid registry entries. It has been serving the users for as long as 15 years now, being launched in 2004 for Windows. People prefer using CCLeaners more for cleaning their computers as not everyone understands the inbuilt Registry Editor.

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However, there are some users who don’t like using CCleaner. There may be varying reasons for this like not agreeing with their privacy policies, or not being a fan of the interface. The reasons could be many. So, here are the 20 Best CCleaner Alternatives that you can use if you don’t want to use the CCleaner.

1. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is a popular PC cleaning utility to scan your computer and clear out all the junk. This helps in boosting the speed of the system.  You can also clean the invalid Registry files and optimize the overall performance of the system. Some additional features of this program include removing hibernation files and turning off unwanted add-ons on the computer.

2. CleanMaster

Clean Master is another very popular alternative to the traditional CCleaner. Along with cleaning system junk, unwanted files, and cache files, it also offers incredible privacy protection. and junk cleaning. It is able to scan over 1000 programs to boost up the performance of your PC. You just have to use very few clicks as the UI is also very simple and secure.

3. BleachBit

BleachBit is the next name on this list of 20 Best CCleaner alternatives. It is able to delete unnecessary files to free up a good value disk space. Along with cleaning up your PC, BleachBbit also helps in maintaining privacy. This program is the best option to use if you just want to get rid of the cache and cookies generated to protect your privacy.

5. AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC TuneUp is the official system cleaning tool by AVG. It works as an enhancement program with the AVG Antivirus software. This useful utility can help you to make even older computers run at a comparatively faster speed. AVG PC Tuneup has a special feature known as Sleep Mode which can increase your PC’s speed and performance drastically.

6. Avast Cleanup

AVAST Cleanup is AVAST’s official PC cleaning utility to enhance the speed and boost up the overall performance of your computer. Along with the basic features like removing junk and invalid registry files, it also provides you important additional features like updating your software, resolving unknown problems, and removing bloatware.

7. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is the next name on our list of 20 Best CCleaner Alternatives. This program provides a number of system tools to maintain your computer. It can clear all the unwanted files and invalid registries. Additionally, it can also offer spyware detection, disc cleaning, and memory optimization. This is a really good option to use if you care about privacy protection.

8. PrivaZer

PrivaZer is another great name in this list of CCleaner alternatives. It is a free-to-use tool to free up disc space by removing unwanted files. Along with cleaning junk files, it can also remove all the records of your activity on the computer if you want to.

9. Remo MORE

Remo MORE is a system cleaning utility with a very catchy user interface. It claims to provide you a ‘Single-click Maintenance’ of your PC. Using this, you can clean up junk files and speed up the speed. Also, this program is able to fix a lot of issues. It comes with more than 30 special features to manage and enhance the overall performance of your computer.

10. Jv16 PowerTools

Jv16 PowerTools is a system cleanup utility for Windows. This software can clean the Windows registry, junk files, privacy data like cache and cookies, and many such unnecessary files. Additionally, it is able to fix a number of PC bugs and glitches. The UI of this program is also swift and simple to use.

11. Privacy Eraser

Privacy Eraser is an amazing PC cleaning software to clean and protect your computer. It can clean system junk and other unwanted files to free up invaluable space. This, in turn, makes your work faster and better. It also supports a number of Browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and many others.

12. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner is a useful PC Cleaning software that can help you to make your computer faster. It can scan and clean all sorts of unwanted and duplicate files on your system. Additionally, it can clean the cache and cookies to free up space and optimize the memory of your computer.

13. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is basically an optimization tool for Windows. This program has yearly editions that come with the updated technology to bring out the best performance from a system. It can perform a number of important tasks, including cleaning the junk files and cache data, while also offering a lot of built-in tools to help you out in various manners.

14. System Ninja

System Ninja is an impressive name in this list of CCleaner Alternatives offering ‘single-click optimization.’ It is a great option to remove junk files, cache data and unwanted system registries to provide better speed and the enhanced overall performance of the computer.

15. Advance System Care

Advanced SystemCare is a powerful system optimization software developed and published by IObit. It is a fast and effective tool to remove unwanted files, junk and cache data. This program can incredibly enhance the speed and performance of your computer.

16. Winutilities Pro

WinUtilities Pro is a popular system optimization tool for Windows. It has a very simple and clean user interface making it one of the most used CCleaner alternatives. It can clean all the junk from your system, protect exe files with a password, clear the traces of your past activity and many other useful tasks. You should definitely try this one.

17. Ace Utilities

Ace Utilities is a widely use PC cleaning and management software by AceLogix. It offers a number of features that collectively work to bring out the best speed and performance from a computer. It can clear junk, unwanted registry and cache data. Also, it can provide you a brief analysis of the contents of your drives.

18. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is the next name on our list of CCleaner alternatives. It is a popular free tool to clean the junk files from your PC in a fast and effective manner. It is also a great tool to protect your privacy by clearing cache, cookies, and traces of your activity on your computer.

19. Treesize

TreeSize is a tremendous space management program for Windows. It can analyze and clean the contents of your hard drive. You can also use to copy, move and manage the files stored on your hard disk. You can simply use it to improve the performance of your PC.

20. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a bit different from all the other names on this list of CCleaner alternatives. This is not a pc cleanup software but a browser cleaning extension. It is free to use and acts as a good alternative to CCleaner if you especially want to get rid of the junk files generated by your browsers. It works in a very efficient manner with Chrome and Firefox.

That’s all for the list. These were the 20 Best CCleaner Alternatives to use in 2020.

Hope I helped you. You can use the comment section to clear out your queries or give any suggestions related to this post.

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