13 Best Apps To Make You Look Thinner [Android and iOS]

Instagram and other social media websites have influenced everyone to look the best version of themselves. Wear the best outfit, have a perfect body, and look like the girl or boy in the magazine. It is easier said than done, cause maintaining a good body requires healthy eating habits, regular workouts, and discipline and many of us do not have time to work on ourselves due to stressed work or study life. It is important to understand that it is completely okay to not have a perfect slim body, and we are beautiful in our own way. We, in no way, promote altering or editing your natural looks and body for social media and we support realistic beauty. But it’s fun sometimes to know how we would look if we got thinner. Or maybe you are thriving to get that perfect body and want to see yourself there as a part of the motivation to stay healthy. In such a case, we have to introduce you to some apps to make you look thinner.

Best Apps To Make You Look Thinner 2021

It is time to glance over some apps to make you look thinner through editing. Some of these apps require you to download them on your desktop.

1. PerfectMe

PerfectMe is a photo-editing app that allows you to change how your body looks. With the help of this app, you can easily make your waist look thinner, make your legs look longer if you are short. If you are someone with a very wide face width, you can also try and edit to make your jaws look narrower.

2. AirBrush

AirBrush is a popular editing app and is already used by millions of people across the globe. Apart from being a normal photo-editing app, AirBrush does allow you to bring changes to your image and edit your body in the image. AirBrush is considered top-notch for its ability to edit facial features.

There is also a free-shape option on AirBrush that allows you to make yourself seem thinner in the image. AirBrush is a popular photo-editing website and is kind of considered better than other apps as it doesn’t affect the original quality of the image even after the editing has been done.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt is another well-known app for photo editing. Although PicsArt is usually used as a normal editing app for adding texts, filters, etc. PicsArt does provide the option to change your body looks on the image. There is a Distort option that makes it happen.

There are certain correction tools as well that helps you resize certain areas of the image. Overall, it is quite a decent app if you are trying to have some fun with your pictures.

4. RetouchMe

We all surf through Instagram and see some people with flawless bodies and perfect skin and wonder how? But now it seems clear what most people do. No person in this generation posts a raw pic without a filter or editing some areas here and there.

You can also try that with RetouchMe. RetouchMe is a great app especially made for you to edit your body on the image. In fact, it offers different categories like body, face, accessories for you to edit your pictures without any hassle.

5. BodyTune

BodyTune is one of the best apps to make you look thinner. The app is really advanced when it comes to detecting body areas and show you possible edits and you may choose which is better for you.

Because this would be the first time you are trying to do something like this on a photo-editing app, the picture may look weird and unnatural, but the more and more you keep it doing it, eventually, your photo may start looking realistic and you can even post them on social media networking websites without anyone questioning the photo. With BodyTune, you can also remove acne scars or pimple marks from your face.

6. Spring

This app is made for a more professional sort of editing practice for photographers and editors. If you are a professional photo editor and you’re client demands some changes to their body in the pictures. You could be looking for some apps to make it easier for you. Spring is what you’re looking for.

7. Body Editor

If you are a newbie to this world of editing pictures, you definitely would need something that would not make your pictures look weird. Body Editor is one of the easiest photo-editing apps you can use to edit your pictures and look thinner in no time.

8. BodyApp

The biggest nightmare for someone who edits their pictures is being called out for their editing on social media. Of course, no one wants public humiliation just because they are not that good at editing. Well, BodyApp is the one you need if you have similar thoughts as it makes it way easier to edit due to its great correction tools

9. TrimSlimTall

TrimSlimTall is overall a great editing app, whether you want to look thinner, or remove acne scars, or simply add a cute filter to your image. It’s a one-stop destination for all your editing requirements. You can also add cute stickers to your images.

13 Free Apps To Make You Look Thinner[Android and iOS]

Nowadays, appearance is everything – especially for the ones who often log in to social media. That’s why apps to make you look thinner are among the tops. To cut your work short, here we listed more apps for you:

  1. Perfect Me
  2. Retouch Me
  3. Body Tune
  4. Body Editor
  5. BodyApp
  6. Slim & Skinny
  7. Make Me Thin
  8. Perfect Body Editor
  9. Hotune
  10. Body Shape Editor
  11. GoSexy – Slimming Body Editor
  12. Adobe Photoshop
  13. PicsArt


So these were some apps to make you look thinner. No need to imagine how you would look if you were thin, when you can get hands-on some amazing apps that make show you that, with a few taps. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.