Where to Get Magma Blade in Elden Ring?

Magma Blade in Elden Ring: There’s an infinite array of armor and weapons to explore in the ethereal Lands Between. We all know that different kinds of weaponry are built upon specific characteristics and possess different impacts on their status. 

Magma Blade is among the swords cured in Elden Ring, suitable for those with high skill. If you strike this sword on your adversaries, it releases a swarm of hot lava. Pretty cool, huh? 

This is why we’ve put together a guide for where to purchase the Magma blade for Elden Ring.

Where to get Magma Blade in Elden Ring?

  • Visit Volcano Manor and get assistance from an abductor virgin. We have a tutorial on ways to reach Volcano Manor.
  • When you reach Volcano manor, walk to the ground that is not surrounded by the lava.
  • Leap, and then head to the right until you see the steps.
  • There are many enemies to be encountered while climbing.
  • Also, you can meet Godskin Noble If you’ve not defeated him yet.
  • You can also quickly travel to your destination. Temple in Eiglay The site for the celebration of Grace.
  • The lever will bring one to the second floor.
  • You must leave the room and engage in a fight with several Lizardmen when you are there.
  • Magma Blade Magma Blade is dropped by one of the Lizardmen.
  • You can employ Frost-based attacks to the areas where they are most vulnerable.
  • After you’ve defeated Lizardmen using the Magma blade, grab the sword to get it.
  • This weapon has the exclusive ability in a magma shower that scatters magma at your foes.
  • Although you can’t use Ashes of War on this weapon, you can enhance it by using somber smithing stones or enhance it with Magic.

Then, you know how to obtain Magma Blade in the game. If you enjoyed this guide, take a look at our other guides.