How to Reset the Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring

Reset the Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring: One of the most well-known farming tips in the book is now better. Here’s how you can take down the sleeping dragon repeatedly in Elden Ring.

If you’re an Elden Ring player who is just beginning their journey or just beginning to learn how to navigate across the Lands Between, there’s something that you must be aware of.

Just a few yards from the beginning zone of the game, players will locate a gentle dragon who cannot fight back but will grant a massive amount of runes if defeated.

Most people are aware of this helpful Elden Ring trick. You may not realize that you can harvest the dragon several times.

Elden Ring: How to Kill Sleeping Dragon Again – Best Rune Farm

Usually, sleeping dragons do not respawn in Elden Ring, making it an ideal one-time boost to your running count. It is, however, possible to take down the dragon several times, as that you haven’t killed the beast.

  • First, follow our guide for discovering the sleepy dragon within the Elden Ring.
  • Before you begin to attack it, ensure that you’ve already registered for the near Site of Grace.
  • We recommend owning a Gold Scarab talisman to boost your total rune count when you kill the monster. Additionally, you can utilize the Gold-Pickled Foot item to increase rune purchase for a few days and improve this farming technique further.
  • Take your horse on and start slashing at the tail of the dragon.
  • As we did in our previous guide, we suggest using one of Elden Ring’s most effective bleeding weapons to take out the dragon fast.
  • After that, when the dragon dies, it will begin to twitch. Then, immediately ride to the nearby Site of Grace and rest there as soon as possible.
  • If you’ve completed this method quickly enough, you’ll be rewarded with many runes, but the dragon will not go away, and you can play with it unlimited times!

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