How to Get the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring

Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring: The Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Elden Ring allows players to fight with one of the more recognizable items of the game. This is where you can get it.

Elden Ring can be challenging to say the least. Therefore, it’s always good to find the perfect armor to match your game.

A few people may enjoy playing as the Samurai, which is a great choice when using the Katana, similar to the Moonveil. However, some may choose a stronger construction built around the strength feature.

You’ll require a wide selection of heavy-hitting guns to build these structures.

Additionally, you’ll need armor that can withstand large-scale hits, such as armor made by the Tree Sentinel Armor.

Where can I get Tree Sentinel Armor Sets in the Elden Ring Location + Map?

You can locate it in the Tree Sentinel Armor Set in Auriza Hero’s Grave in the Leyndell, Capital Outskirts.

The Tree Sentinel Armor will require you to solve a maze within Auriza Hero’s Grave involving destroying the traps for chariots.

The first thing you’ll need to take is to get towards Auriza Hero’s Grave. You’ll have to go to the Capital Outskirts’ eastern portion to accomplish this. If you arrive at the region with one of the Draconic Tree Sentinel, you’ve been too far.

It is necessary to go down where you’ll find some bears. Keep to the right, and you’ll eventually find a room that has an elevator.

Take a walk down and find yourself in Auriza Hero’s Grave. You can rest in the Site of Grace, and I would suggest using any runes that you own since this step might require the use of the Memory of Grace.

How to Solve the Chariot Game within Auriza Hero’s Grave

To finish the Chariot Puzzle, You’ll have to go to the first room in the chariot.

The two vehicles will appear that will be on opposite sides. The first chariot will be born when you go down the hill, but don’t get scared. Continue moving to the right, and then take shelter behind an archway.

In this area, you’ll be able to see the second chariot ramp and middle ground. Your goal is to get to the middle ground and take a leap onto either of its sides.

To get there, you’ll have to eliminate a few enemies and continue your journey until you reach an additional ramp, but this time, there are two Chariots.

Make sure you are waiting for the right time to fall.

Going to the bottom of the ramp is recommended, then jumping down into the beams below.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to walk down and then let yourself fall onto the corner closest to the ramp that leads upwards.

This ensures that you don’t be a victim of a fall. Begin your descent until you reach the final two beams. From here, you’ll find a skeleton in the vicinity of the ladder.

Go up the ladder and toward the pillar and let out a blaze. The pillar will be struck, and it should start to move.

You have some choices. Choose to either go back to the top or utilize the Memory of Grace to teleport yourself back to the start immediately.

Make your way back to the place where the two chariots were. The third one should be born to destroy the two previous ones.

Once they are destroyed, you’ll be awarded the entire Tree Sentinel Armor Set and the Ash of War: Holy Ground.

Here you are! One of the most beautiful Armor Sets on the market and one of the most stunning-looking.

Completion of your Tree Sentinel Set

If you’re planning to complete the set, do not forget to pick up the Golden Halberdfrom the original Tree Sentinel!

And if you’re in the market for new weapons to build your armor, it is possible to search for some weapons with strength compatible with the new gear!