How to Horse Fly Over the Lands Between in Elden Ring

Horse Fly Over the Lands Between in Elden Ring: To make traveling across all of the Lands Between easier, why not try this brand new Elden Ring glitch to fly across the Torrent? 

If one of the biggest concerns concerning Elden Ring is that traversing across the map is slow, we have solutions for you. A new glitch allows Tarnished to fly around the treacherous landscape Elden Ring from the skies and on their beloved horses.

In recent times, Elden Ring speedruns have been getting popular. The fastest time required to complete FromSoftware’s most recent release is less than half an hour, decreasing as each day passes.

If you’re looking to make quick time should take advantage of these most effective speedrun guns or Ash of Wars to one-shot bosses; however, simply doing with damage isn’t enough.

In the end, your horse Torrent can only run so quickly and doesn’t appear everywhere in The Lands Between. This is why we have this brand’s latest Elden Ring fly glitch is a big deal…

How to fly in the air Torrent with Elden Ring 

If you’re interested in flying through the heavens surrounding Elden Ring, we’ve got the perfect solution to aid you. This brand new Elden Ring exploit lets players fly using just their horse.

It’s always been possible to skim areas like Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring using legitimate methods. However, you can bypass any part of the map you don’t want to deal in (so lengthy, Lake of Rot!)

For your horse to fly, Follow these steps:

  • The first step is to locate an area with a higher elevation on the map and start Torrent.
  • When you take off your horse, you’ll have to stop and get the game back as quickly as you can.
  • To determine if you’ve followed the first step correctly, Torrent should be standing beside it close by the moment you return to the game. If the horse doesn’t appear, you’ve probably not exited the game quickly enough.
  • After that, you must go to any part of the map that allows you to jump off and drop to the ground.
  • Begin slowly to move towards the right spot until you’re at the final few pixels on edge.
  • If you are beginning to fall, you must quit the game swiftly and again.
  • The torrent should be gone when you log back in, and you’ll be at the edge again.
  • If you attempt to summon Torrent to a Crimson Tear Flask, it will not occur.
  • But call your mount back, then Torrent will not just show up, but it’ll also be flying!

Now, you can take a ride through your way through the Lands Between on your trusty horse. For a higher elevation, ride Torrent to any elevation point to get a boost.

However, to descend, it is necessary to locate yourself in an area in which Torrent can still get to the ground and then get off. You can save and then reload the game to show up from where you started the technique.

Beware, you cannot jump through Elden Ring, or Torrent will be stuck and die.

Utilizing methods like these, one player has already beat Elden Ring 100 times!

Some fans utilize their time to create Marvel villains Thanos in the land Between!

We are grateful to YouTuber Caspahz for teaching us How to Horse Fly Over the Lands Between in Elden Ring