How To Increase The Damage Of Arrows in Elden Ring

Increase The Damage Of Arrows in Elden Ring: It is recommended to enhance the damage you can get from the damage of your Arrows or Bolts inside the Elden Ring to make the most use of their power of them.

 Mage-based builds can utilize Terra Magicus to boost their damage output significantly. Unfortunately, this isn’t the situation for ranged attackers who rely on bows and crossbows.

 However, even if that’s an issue, you could take steps to improve the effectiveness of these weapons. In this guide, please take a look at them.

How can you increase the damage to Your Arrows & Bolts in Elden Ring?

There are two methods to enhance the damage done by your arrows and bolts in the game.

  • Using Arrow’s Sting Talisman
  • The upgrade of your weapon

We should learn more about these two methods.

Using the Arrow’s Sting Talisman

The Arrow’s Sting Talisman gives players an extra 10% damage boost when fighting with bolts or arrows. It is possible to find this Talisman in the tower near Caelid’s Impassable Greatbridge, located inside Caelid. Below is the exact position.

  1. Rapid Travel up to Greatbridge, the Impassable Greatbridge website of Grace.
  2. Just behind the building, there is an edifice.
  3. Go west, and on the left, there are two steps.
  4. Choose one of these two methods to climb. There are guards over.
  5. Then, use the ladder in the middle to climb up.
  6. When you get to the top of the tower, there are three guards on the tower. On the right side of the area, there is an unlocked chest.
  7. This chest is equipped with a Sting Talisman of the Arrow. Sting Talisman.

Upgrading weapons to boost Arrows & Bolts damage in Elden Ring

Like you upgrade other weapons, it is also recommended to improve your crossbows and bows if you plan to use them. You can upgrade your bow at your tables for Smithing in the Church of Elleh. 

Alternately, you could have Smithing Master Hewg upgrade your bow for you on the roundtable.

We tested this technique using our Longbow on the Gate front site of grace. We fired at the Gaurd behind the place of grace.

  • Longbow+3 inflicted damages of 144, and Longbow+4 caused more than 151 damage. You may notice differences in the damage depending on how close or far away you are from the security guard. We shot him inside his body. This means that the place you shoot will result in different outcomes. However, regardless of what you shoot, you will see a change in the damage that has been caused after upgrading.

So, it is advisable to improve the bow you are planning to use over the long term. Use both these techniques to witness a dramatic improvement in the damage.

It covers all you need to be aware of about increasing the damage from your bolts and arrows in Elden Ring.