Overwatch Unveils New Mercy Royal Knight Skin

Mercy mains in Overwatch has recently had some difficulty. Many gamers are dissatisfied with how Blizzard has handled the support hero in the much anticipated Overwatch 2 beta due to the support hero’s frequent adjustments to her super jump powers and the lack of significant improvements elsewhere. However, with a fresh addition to her cosmetics collection, Overwatch gamers now have something to look forward to.

The limited-time Pink Mercy skin, which saw players contribute around $10 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, has been much missed by players but has not yet been brought back to the in-game market.

But gamers may now marvel at a brand-new Mercy skin that Blizzard has created: Royal Knight Mercy.

An eye-catching new skin for the game is revealed in a video announced through the @overwatchleague Twitter account. Mercy is dressed in red and white clothing with a plumed helmet and steel armour with gold accents.

Her once-iconic hair has been cut short and curled, and her Caduceus Staff has been transformed into a spear that is draped in a red and white flag.

The website for the Overwatch League details the group’s history and has some exquisite concept art by Emily Siu. The skin honoured Mercy’s role as a hero and was created to tribute to the $100,000 prize won by the Shanghai Dragons in the 2021 June Joust Overwatch League Tournament.

It “fits nicely with her attributes of aiding, protecting, and being a protector of the people,” as Siu puts it since this Mercy skin comes from the Middle Ages.

She continues with the combination of the golden lion crest and the red and white colour scheme, which “symbolizes bravery, dignity, royalty, strength, and heroism.”

The costume costs 200 League Tokens, which equals $9.99 or £8.99, and is accessible in-game for the whole month of July 19 through August 19.

If they want to watch live games on the Overwatch League website or mobile app, players may instead earn five tokens for each hour spent doing so.

Fans can check in daily from July 19 to July 24 to observe the future of the Overwatch League as players compete in Overwatch 2 as the Midseason Madness Tournament is now in full swing.

The winning team of the competition will also see a unique version of Royal Knight Mercy hit the shelves, similar to last month’s Luchador Reaper skin.

Since the lacklustre Mage Mercy recolour was included in Overwatch’s 2022 Anniversary Remix event, this is the first Mercy skin to be added to the game.

Giving Mercy a limited-time cosmetic makeover might be the boost she needs to regain her reputation and persuade support players to avoid using Moria’s overpowering new abilities.