How To Get To Rykard In Elden Ring?

Rykard In Elden Ring: Did you see a massive snake in the movie trailers for Elden Ring? It’s Rykard, the lord of Blasphemy in his God devouring serpent form. 

Contrary to the majority of bosses who have only one health bar used for both phases, He comes with 2 health bars in each of his forms. He is among the shard bearers you must defeat to get access to your Leyndell Castle. 

It is necessary to beat his God-devouring serpent form in the initial phase in order before you can reach Rykard. Where can you find him? 

Here’s our guide to how to reach Rykard at Elden Ring.

How to Get to Rykard in Elden Ring?

There are two methods to reach Rykard. You can either finish the questline for Tanith or transfer through a portal directly to the Serpent’s place.

Complete Lady Tanith’s questline

  • If you’ve been defeated by The Godskin Noble and have discovered the Temple of Eiglay, site of Grace Fastly, travel to the Temple directly.
  • If not, go for a visit to Volcano Manor located in Mt.Gelmir.
  • When you are there, drop down to the surface that is not submerged by the lava.
  • Leap and then turn right to ascend until you see an Assasin waiting for you on the steps.
  • You must defeat him to be able to enter the Church where you will be confronted by Godkin The Noble.
  • After you’ve defeated him, you can talk to Lady Tanith, who heads Volcano Manor.
  • She will ask whether you’d like to be a part of Volcano Manor and resist the current together.
  • Choose option Join Volcano Manor option to begin her quests.
  • You must finish her complete quest before she allows you to be introduced to Rykard, who is the Lord of Blasphemy.
  • After accepting, you’ll be transported to Rykard immediately In Elden Ring.

Using a Waygate Teleporter

  • When you’ve reached the Temple of Eiglay and defeated Godskin Noble, you can pull the lever from the church.
  • It would help to turn right until you spot snails with magma infusion as you climb upwards.
  • Then make a right and walk to a structure via the glass.
  • It is also possible to obtain Magma Blade by beating any Lizardmen there.
  • Continue and ascend the stairs and then enter an entirely different area in the structure.
  • Straight ahead and enter into a room where people are praying.
  • Take the stairs up and leave this room by heading out.
  • You’ll see a Waygate in the middle.
  • Check it out and decide Yes to get to the place of Rykard, the King of Blasphemy.

You need to defeat his God-devouring Serpent form to fight with Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy.