Netflix Student Discount: Now Available for 2021?

Netflix is the most popular OTT platform. It has a massive following due to its incredible collection of movies and TV shows. A major portion of this following is students, that’s why Netflix started offering special Student discount for college-going students. If you are trying to claim it, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will guide you on how to claim the Netflix Student Discount to watch your favorite movies and shows at a very affordable price. Additionally, I will also guide you to some more student-exclusive offers that are worth grabbing.

A Brief Introduction to Netflix

The reach of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar is increasing day by day. An Over-the-top (OTT media service) bypasses the traditional way of content distribution methods through a rigid system of cables, broadcast, and satellite television platforms. Netflix is among the top 10 OTT platforms in the world with more than 195 million paid subscriptions.

However, it is not an overnight success. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California established Netflix in 1997. Initially, it was a website service that allowed people to rent DVDs online. Netflix introduced streaming services in the year 2007 which proved to be the stepping stone to their success.

At the present time, you can think of it as a huge library of Movies and TV shows which you can play anytime and anywhere on your mobile, TV, PC, etc.

Netflix Student Discount: How to get it?

Being a student I personally understand why it is not easy to watch movies by paying money. That’s why I’m always looking for amazing student discounts, offers, and sales, and share them with you. So, I went on the Netflix website to find if it offers a special discount to students as they don’t have a stable source of income, and Netflix plans are pretty expensive.

However, the reality was harsh. Netflix DOES NOT offer a Student Discount. They don’t have any student-exclusive plan that is available for a discounted price. So, if you are trying to get Netflix at a cheaper price tag by using your student-privileges, it is not possible, at least as of now.

But, we will not let you empty-handed. We have collected a whole collection of student discounts on OTT-platforms for you. You can use the ones that you like based on your choice of movies and shows.

Why Netflix Doesn’t Offer a Student Plan?

Netflix, unfortunately, doesn’t have plans specially curated for students. One credible reason for this is that the majority of their subscribers are students. If they’ll start offering student discounts, they’d observe a major loss. Another reason is discounts are generally offered to promote services, or when your product isn’t selling enough and you want to retain your customers.

In Netflix’s case, they are experiencing record profits every year, and they already have a very loyal customer base. So, student discounts would not be a profitable deal for them. The sad thing is they have even ended the 30-days free trial period offer.

Will Netflix ever offer a Student Plan?

One would hope that Netflix may start offering a student plan soon as its major competitors like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are already doing it. However, the reality is a bit different. Netflix has a huge collection of shows and movies that attract students (Teenagers and Young Adults). So, they don’t want to offer special discounts to attract more customers.

Therefore, I don’t think Netflix is going to offer a student plan any time soon. Unless the students across the globe plan a mass revolution against them. That is far from happening though.

How to Get Netflix for a Cheaper Price without Student Discount?

Since Netflix doesn’t offer a student discount, you have to look for other ways to get it for a cheaper price tag. Here are some tips that can help you to get Netflix without having to spend a huge amount every month:

  • Ask your parents, a relative, or a friend to share their Netflix account with you. Although you’ll have to offer them to pay the difference to upgrade to a plan that would help you stream without interrupting their viewing. 
  • You can also team up with your fellow students who want to share a new account and split the cost together.

  • There are some social media groups that can help you to get a shared Netflix account at a lower cost.
  • Ask Netflix’s yearly/monthly plan as your gift on a special occasion like your birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  • Get a girlfriend who has a Netflix plan, and chill with her. This is a bit tough though.

These are some of the ways to watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix without having to spend a lot of money every month.

Best Netflix Alternatives with a Student Discount

Netflix has an incredible library of movies and shows to binge-watch. However, it is not much affordable for students. On the other hand, there some great Netflix alternatives available that offer great content to watch, and they even offer a student discount. Let’s take a look at them.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is Netflix’s arch-rival, and it offers a student-exclusive plan to attract as many students as they can. The Prime student plan allows students to get an amazing subscription for a highly discounted price. You will get 6 months of Free Trial and 50% Off on the Prime annual cost.

Not only this but you will also get Amazon’s 2-day delivery guarantee on student essentials and other items. You can visit this link in order to claim it.

Hulu with Spotify

Hulu is another Netflix alternative for users residing in the USA. Hulu offers a great student discount by partnering with Spotify. The student plan enables you to get Hulu, Spotify, and Showtime for just $4.99 per month. Not only this but you’ll also get a 30-days free trial.

As a student, it really helps in saving money that you can spend on other important stuff.

YouTube Premium & YouTube Music

When someone is talking about watching videos, YouTube can never stay out of the discussion. YouTube Premium also offers a great collection of shows for students, and the best thing is they are offering a student discount. With the student discount applied, you can get YouTube Premium for just $6.99/month with a month of ‘Free Trial.

They are even offering student discounts on YouTube Music. You can get it for just $4.99/month. These prices are highly affordable for students.

Final Words

Netflix is a wonderful platform for students to watch their favorite movies and shows. However, every student cannot afford its plans, and they don’t even offer a student discount. So, you can only use the special tips I have mentioned if you are willing to have Netflix while also saving money. Or, you can get some other streaming service that is offering a student discount.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.