NBA 2k Mobile Codes For October 2021 [Updated Weekly]

NBA 2K Mobile’s MyTeam has always been a place to ignite the competitive spirit in anyone who loves to play this game mode. It allows you to build a team of all-stars and experience the NBA on your phone that features basketball card customization, lively new themes, updated player rosters, and new events. This game is highly enjoyable with some in-store upgrades. But did you know that you can get some extra perks through NBA 2K Mobile codes?

Well yes!! These mobile codes can let you grab free energy recharges, cosmetics, free players, standard gear keys, small generic chargers, and much more. So, are you excited to grab some free items for NBA 2K mobile? Let’s get started!!

About NBA 2K Mobile Codes

NBA 2K Mobile is a series of basketball sports simulation games that exclusively runs on Android and iOS. While you start your journey on NBA 2K mobile, you get four bronze and one silver player on your team. Also, there is an aforementioned crew mode, that lets you team up with your friends and fellow partners to form a three-player team.

Just like the console version, you need to spend coins (in-game currency) to purchase the player’s packs and other perks in this game. However, it is not always possible to make such in-game purchases. And that’s why redeeming codes is one of the best ways to collect coins and other in-game items for free.

The NBA 2K mobile codes are mostly developer’s rewards that are published on websites like Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and Twitter. To grab the codes as soon as they are launched, you need to keep an eye on these websites.

List of Active NBA Mobile Codes 2021

Well, building the best NBA team is never an easy task. But with NBA 2K mobile codes the challenge becomes a bit easier. These codes help you unlock some best items that the game has to offer like tons of cosmetics for your players and even free spins.

  1. JRUESUMMER- Receive Jrue’s Summer card.

NBA 2K mobile codes are published for a limited period. So, you need to use this coupon code before they get expired. At the moment, there is only one active code available that we have already mentioned here. We will be adding more to the list as soon as new codes come out. Until then, enjoy the gameplay by redeeming this activation code.

Expired NBA Mobile Codes

These are all previously available codes. And we have listed for you to know that they are all expired now. However, you can give these codes a try, if you are lucky enough they might work for you.

  1. SHOWTIME– Redeem this code to get a Magic Johnson’s card.
  2. THEBIGCACTUS – Redeem this code to receive Shaq’s card.
  3. KPPLAYOFFS – Redeem this code to get a Porzingis’ theme card and two event energy chargers.
  4. EMERALDKLAY – Redeem to get Klay Thompson’s card.
  5. JIMMYBUCKETS – Redeem this code to get a Jimmy Butler code.
  6. ADFIRSTCHIP – Redeem this code to get an Onyx Anthony Davis.
  7. MAMBAFOREVER – Redeem this code to get an Onyx Kobe Bryant.
  8. ELGINBAYLOR – Redeem this code to get an Elgin Baylor’s card.
  9. CP3PHOENIX – Redeem this code to get Chris Paul’s card.
  10. VINSANITY – Redeem this code to get an Amethyst Vince Carter and two Energy Recharges.
  11. CURRYFAM – Redeem this code to get Emerald Dell Curry, Ruby Stephen Curry, and Gold Seth Curry.
  12. RUBYJOKER – Redeem this code to get Ruby Nikola Jokic and two Energy Recharges.
  13. CMNTY-YK9AK-G2JW7-92WC3-8XGND –  Redeem this code to get two Free Wheel Spins.
  14. #2KTVHeadTie – Redeem this code to get a 2KTV Headband.
  15. HZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW – Redeem this code to get up to three tokens.
  16. HOODIEMELO – Redeem this code to get a Sapphire Carmelo Anthony and Hooded Sweater that can be used in the MyPlayer game mode.
  17. ZIONDEBUT – Redeem this code to get a Sapphire Zion Williamson and two Small Generic Chargers.
  18. DAMEDOLLA – Redeem this code to get Emerald Damian Lillard and 10 Standard Gear Keys.
  19. GREEKFREAKMVP – Redeem this code to get an Emerald Giannis Antetokounmpo and a Small Generic Charger.
  20. BEARDISBACK – Redeem this code to get a Gold James Harden.
  21. COMMUNITY-EVO: Redeem this code to get an Evolution Channing Frye, Latrell Sprewell, or Jrue Holiday.
  22. THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY – Redeem this code to get Tokens, a League Pack, or MT.

How To Redeem NBA 2k Mobile Codes?

Not sure how to enter these codes on your NBA 2K mobile game. Well, it is a pretty easy process. Here’s how to redeem NBA 2K Mobile redeem codes.

  • Open the game on your Android or iOS device.
  • Head to the Main Menu that is available on the right side of the screen.
  • Search for the Redeem button and click on it.
  • Once you see a new window, enter the code that we have provided above in the Enter Code section.

  • Now, tap on the Claim button and wait for the process to complete.

That’s it. You can enjoy your reward in your gameplay now.

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Final Words

So gamers, in today’s blog post we have mentioned all the active codes that you can use for now. The NBA 2K mobile codes are valid only for a limited time. So, hurry up and enter them into your game now. The developers come up with new codes regularly. You can visit this page often to check for updated and active codes for your gameplay.

Lastly, we have mentioned few steps to activate the NBA 2K mobile redeem codes. Go through it and get those hooded sweaters, energy recharges, and much more at the earliest.