How to Get Mew in Pokemon Go in 2021? [100% Working]

Mew is among the most amazing and sought-after Pokemons in the whole Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Go players are often ready to do anything to get Mew in the game. However, it isn’t as simple as rookies may consider. To catch or obtain Mew in Pokemon Go, you have to complete the “Mythical Discover” special research.

If you don’t know what it is and you want to make Mew a member of your party, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will guide you on getting Mew in Pokemon Go with a cent-percent working strategy. After following everything written here properly, you will have your own Mew.

How to Get Mew in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go has been the best way to have fun for all the Pokefans around the world. If you are a Pokemon Go player, you’d love to have legendary Pokemons like Mew in your party. Mew is the #151 Pokemon in the Pokedex which is said to contain the genetic code of every Pokemon in existence. It is one of the rarest Pokemons in any game.

Mew was introduced in Pokemon Go in March 2018. It was added as a part of the first-ever special research task of the game. Since then, Pokemon Go players have been crazy to get Mew in the game and add it to their collection. However, catching Mew is a pretty long process. You have to complete the “A Mythical Discovery” special field research task to get it.

This research is a bit time-consuming and lengthy. It consists of eight different tasks that you have to complete for a chance of obtaining Mew. And, it is the only legit way to make the cute mythical kitten a part of your party.

How to Complete Mythical Discovery Field Research to Get Mew?

“A Mythical Discovery” is a long and complicated special field research task in Pokemon Go that allows you to obtain Mew as a reward. It is one of the first Research tasks added to Pokemon Go back in 2018. This task contains eight different quests set by Professor Willow. You have to complete them all in order to unlock Mew and get a chance to obtain it.

You can find “A Mythical Discovery” special research task by tapping on the “Binoculars” icon. First, you’ll find the Field Research Tasks and progress to catch a Legendary Pokemon. Next, touch “Special” and you can view the complete research task having eight different quests.

Some of the quests want you to walk long distances and even collect a lot of Magikarp candies. For new players, it may seem very difficult. However, I’ll guide you to complete it in the easiest manner. And, you can also get exciting rewards and a lot of XP for completing them.

Key Tip: Make sure you crack a Lucky Egg when getting close to the completion of each individual task. This will help you to earn double XP on every single task.

Mythical Discovery Quest 1/8

The first quest is easy. You just need to complete some very simple tasks and the rewards are also pretty good. Here are the three tasks that you need to do to complete this quest:

  1. Spin 5 Pokestops.
  2. Catch 10 Pokemon.
  3. Transfer 5 Pokemon.

For each task, you will receive 500 XP. This means you will get 1500 XP in total Along with this, you will also receive 10 Great Balls, 3 Lure Modules, and an Incubator.

Mythical Discovery Quest 2/8

The second quest is a bit longer as you’ll have to walk a distance of around 6 KM. I’d also suggest that you set your “Buddy” Pokemon as Magikarp. This will allow you to earn candies quickly and you will also require Magikarp candies later. Also, don’t use any of the candies to evolve Magikarp. Here are the tasks that you have to complete:

  1. Earn 2 candy walking with your buddy.
  2. Make 10 great throws.
  3. Hatch 3 eggs.

For completing each task, you will earn 1000 XP. You will also receive 20 Great Balls, 2000 Stardust, and 3 Incense for completing the quest.

Mythical Discovery Quest 3/8

The third quest is also simple and straightforward. You can easily reach level 15, and you only need to participate in Gym battles and raids. You don’t have to necessarily win them. Here are the tasks that you have to complete:

  1. Reach level 15.
  2. Battle in 2 Raids.
  3. Battle in a Gym twice.

You will earn 1500 XP for completing each task. You will also receive 2 Star Pieces, a Fast TM, and a Charge TM on completing the quest.

Mythical Discovery Quest 4/8

The fourth quest is also simple as you have to catch 50 of the original 151 Kanto pokemon to earn a silver Kanto medal. Evolving Pokemon is also simple. You can use a Pidgey, Caterpie, or Wurmple for quick evolutions. For earning candies, you can repeat the same Magikarp trick. Here are the tasks that you have to complete:

  1. Earn the Silver Kanto Medal.
  2. Evolve 20 Pokemon.
  3. Earn 5 candy while walking your buddy.

You will earn 2000 XP for completing each task. You will also receive 4000 Stardust, 20 Great Balls, and 3 Lure Modules for completing this quest.

Mythical Discovery Quest 5/8

The fifth quest starts the second half of the Research Task and things start getting tough. This quest wants you to catch Ditto and it is pretty difficult as you can see it on the field. You will have to catch Pokemon available in the list below and hope that it is a Ditto. Also, to catch Ghost-type Pokemon, you should play the game from 8 PM to 8 AM. Here are the tasks:

  1. Catch a Ditto.
  2. Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon.
  3. Make 20 Great throws.

For completing each task, you will earn 2500 XP. You will also receive 15 Revives, a Lucky Egg, and a Premium Raid Pass.

List of Pokemon you can catch to find a Ditto:

  • Hoppip
  • Spinarak
  • ParasHoothoot
  • Remoraid
  • Whismur
  • Numel
  • Gulpin
  • Bidoof
  • Foongus

Ditto can only take the appearance of these Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Mythical Discovery Quest 6/8

The sixth quest will be easier if you have been following my strategy till now. Here are the tasks you have to complete in this quest:

  1. Reach level 25.
  2. Evolve a Magikarp to Gyarados.
  3. Battle in 10 Raids.

For completing each task, you will receive 3000 XP. You will also receiveĀ  6000 Stardust, 5 Rare Candies, and 3 Incense.

Tip: You will need 400 candies to evolve a Magikarp into Gyarados. To get extra candies, you can stuff the Magikarp with a lot of Pinap Berries.

Mythical Discovery Quest 7/8

The seventh quest is the toughest one and completing this will lead you to the payment of your hard work. Here are the tasks you have to complete in this quest:

  1. Catch 50 Pokemon using Berries.
  2. Earn the Gold Kanto Medal.
  3. Make an Excellent Curveball throw.

For completing each of these, you will earn 3500 XP. You will also receive 5 Great Balls, 8000 Stardust, and an encounter with the mythical Mew.

Mythical Discovery Quest 8/8

The eighth quest is where your hard work pays off. You will encounter Mew and you can get it to join your Party in Pokemon Go. The best part is that it won’t’ run away. So, your quest can’t fail at this point. Just keep throwing the balls and you will catch it. The only task that you have complete here is:

Catch Mew

For completing the quest, you will earn a whopping 4000 XP along with 20 Mew candy, 10,000 Stardust, and a Super Incubator. Obviously, the best reward will be Mew itself.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed “A Mythical Discovery” special field research task. Mew is now a coveted member of your party.


If you want to get Mew in Pokemon Go, you have to complete a special Field Research Task known as “A Mythical Discovery.” This task consists of eight different quests that are pretty long and time-consuming. I have explained how you can fasten the process above. Catching Mew is surely a tedious task but it’d be worth all the effort in the end.

That’s all for this post. I hope you are adoring Mew at your party now. Don’t forget to drop the best moveset for Mew in the comments.