Why is My Laptop So Slow? [Guide to Speed up Windows 10]

Is your laptop running slow? Don’t know How to Fix a slow laptop? Looking for the solution! You have Landed at the right place, Here in this post we have added different ways using which one can easily fix their slow laptop so that it will work like a new one.

Before proceeding further, Let me first give you a short overview of this post. Here are the key points which we are going to discuss in this post:

  • The reason why your laptop is running slow.
  • How to Fix a slow laptop?
  • How to speed up a slow laptop?
  • Windows 10 Laptop Suddenly working slow? 

A few days ago, I am also suffering from this problem of lagging laptop. And I can feel the pain of a slow laptop. In my laptop, I can’t even run the Google Chrome browser. After making a few changes to my laptop settings, Now lappy is running very smoothly.

Want to apply the same settings to your laptop? Keep reading this full post for more information 🙂

Why is My Laptop So Slow

Why is my Laptop So Slow? Top 5 Reasons

Here are the major reasons behind your laptop being so slow.

1. Heavy Application

Most of the laptop is lagging in performance due to the running of heavy RAM eater apps. If your laptop is having less RAM and you are running multiple applications at a single time then you will definitely feel lag your lappy.

2. Less Storage Issue

If you are using an android phone then you are already aware of this issue. Same happens in case of a laptop, If you fill your laptop hard disk with tons of files and folders then it will slow down your CPU for sure. That’s why It is recommended to always clean your hard disk from time to time.

3. Antivirus

Most of the time your PC/Laptop sucks just due to Antivirus. A few days ago I have uninstalled my Avast antivirus and i really feel improvement in my laptop performance. And if you are worried about virus then Window Defender is already present in the windows { By Default ). That software is enough for virus protection 🙂

4. Temporary Files

Temporary files are those types of files that are stored in your hard disk. These types of files are of no use and the worst part about these files is that they occupy maximum memory of your laptop.

5. Low-End Specs of your Laptop

If you are using an old model laptop with 2 GB RAM running on Windows OS then you will not able to enjoy the latest software developed to date as that software requires high CPU usage which is not provided by the slower processor which are manufactured in old days. With the advancement in technology, laptop specifications are getting enriched with a high-end processor and more RAM to handle multiple applications load.

Now you guys are already aware of the common issues behind the lagging of a laptop. Let’s discuss the main part of this post. Here in the next section, we are going to discuss how to fix a slow laptop. Not only this, but We have also shared a few of the quickest ways to speed up a slow laptop or PC.

How to Fix Slow Laptop?

This guide will surely help you boost the speed of your Windows 10 laptop.

Basic settings to speed up a slow laptop 

1. Delete Temporary Files

All you have to do is to delete all the temporary files from your laptop and you will feel a little bit comfort while running your favorite application in your lappy.

Step by step guide to delete the temporary files:

  • First of all, open your laptop.
  • Press Window + R key on your keyboard.
  • Above command is for RUN, else you can also search RUN in your search box for the same.
  • This window will appear on your screen.
  • Next step is to type %temp%
  • Hit the Enter Button.
  • That’s all, All the temporary files will be displayed on your screen.
  • Press CTRL + A to select all the files.
  • Hit the Delete button.
  • That’s all, All temp files will be deleted. 🙂

2. Stop Startup Programs

Whenever you boot your laptop, there are few fixed programs that start while booting. To speed up your laptop, we must recommend you stop those processes. Hence your laptop works like charm. Follow the below-mentioned steps to stop the Startup programs :

  • First of all, Open your laptop.
  • Next press CTRL  + SHIFT + ESC to open task manager.
  • Or directly search for Task Manager and Hit the ENTER button.
  • Now move to the Startup panel there.
  • Here, You have to disable all useless startup programs.
  • Don’t disable any Window 10 related program.
  • That’s all, In this way, your laptop speed will surely boost up. 🙂

3. Stop Windows Update

Windows update is the serious shit! Microsoft has a big history of releasing Windows 10 updates that are buggy and unstable. Never update your window as it will surely lag your pc. Check the below video to permanently stop Windows updates.

YouTube video

You can update your Windows once in a while or only when it is really needed.

[ Advance settings ] to speed up a slow laptop 

4. Reinstall your window

If you are really frustrated with your laptop and want to get rid of the slow down issue then window reinstall is the best option. I have tried this method and it really works. In the last section of this post, I have shared the result of my lappy before and after reinstalling the window. There are various guides available on Google and Youtube related to window installation.

Here is my window build version: 

Note: This window version is phucking awesome 🙂

5. Reset your PC

Resetting PC is another way using which you can increase your laptop speed to a great extent. Every laptop has this option present in device settings.

Reset this PC in windows has two options. Check the below image for reference: 

We suggest you to first try with the first option. By proceeding via the first option, All your software and application available in your lappy will be removed. The best part is that No files or folders will be deleted during this process. Your personal data remains as it is 🙂

[Expensive ways] to speed up your Windows 10 Laptop 

6. Increase your RAM

Most of the laptops and PC are loaded with 4 GB of RAM which is not that efficient to run a heavy application like Android Studio, Visual Studio, Adobe, etc. To run these types of editing and coding software, Your laptop needs to have at least 8 GB RAM.  Increase your RAM as per your requirement and make your laptop a beast 🙂

7. Add SSD to your laptop

The addition of SSD will is one of the best methods to improve laptop performance. SSD will add up the lightning speed to your laptop. If you have good pocket money then we must recommend you install an SSD [ At least 256 GB ]. You will be really amazed by the SSD performance. 


Check below image, 50+ Tabs opened in Google Chrome still my laptop is running smooth 🙂

Also, check CPU usage in Task Manager

Final Words:

That’s all for this informative post on How to Fix a slow laptop. We have added the quickest way to speed up the slow pc/laptop. Try these methods in your lappy and share your feedback too. Also, If you are getting any error while performing the above methods then please let us know in the comment section. Our team will reply to you soon.

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