Snapseed for PC – Free Download for Windows 10

This article will help you install Snapseed on Windows PC. You should know that Snapseed is not officially available for PC and we will simply be using emulators to get Snapseed for PC. 

Do you love taking photos? I mean who wouldn’t. When you open Instagram, Facebook or any social site there are tons of wanna-be photographers exhibiting their talents by uploading their clicks using hashtags #myclicks #photographylove and more. Be it candids, selfies, or even professional photoshoots, every photographer with no argument will agree on the fact that knowing how to edit your photo will help a lot in making it unique. 

Before days editing used to be done only by professional photographers but now with the help of advanced technology, everyone started to edit their pictures. People are posting heavy quality pictures nowadays, so why only you should post those blur and low lightning pictures.  If you too need pictures will high-quality edits, then you definitely need a photo editor on your PC or mobile.

If you are looking for a photo editing app, then you should definitely try Snapseed. It is the king of all in its category. Here in the article, we included everything you need to know about downloading, features of Snaspeed. So why wait, let’s dive in.

Snapseed for PC

What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a popular photo editing app in the world. Because of its user-friendly and efficient interface, it is used by many photographers and normal people too. It doesn’t have any premium features which means you don’t have to pay for their tools, all its features, you can get them for free. Snapseed is developed by Google and uses Nik software to get high editing capabilities and HDR filters. 

Due to its unlimited functionality, it is used by both beginners and professional photographers. Every kind of photographer can benefit from Snapseed. Do you know that it smooths your editing process? Yes, it’s brilliant user interface helps the user by giving great results of artistic and enhanced pictures. Snapseed also allows you to share the edited pictures directly on to your social media accounts.

What Are The Uses Of Snapseed?

You can install Snapseed in any android phone, with the assistance of the emulator, i.e., a digital environment, you can also install both in your PC and laptop. So it is very easy to download, install and use the app. 

Snapseed is developed by Google, so it helps in collaborating or sharing files with others through Google drive. It provides many tools for all expert photographers and editors. It performs any task which is relating to photo manipulation and editing. 

Users are allowed to rotate, increase the look and lightning, adjust picture using Snapseed online. You can also adjust the angles to observe pictures. If you want to drive viewers to your site, you can use marketing techniques and rules. Raw pictures or files taken by DSLR can be edited easily. It is the best editing app for any professional and beginner. Now Snapseed has upgraded its features to some cool ones which allow users to edit pictures with real-time picture options. 

What Are The Tools And Features Of The App?

Snapseed Look Tab allows users to open their galleries and edit pictures with the tool. Tools sections is a very versatile one from all the editing apps, it can do anything to make your picture best. A variety of textures and filters attract every eye and the special perspective filter adjusts white balance and skewed lines. Curve Filter helps with the adjustment of brightness and an effective tool. Export options allow the user to save their pictures and make a copy of the picture. 

You can avoid blur or can add blur with easy interfacing and UI. Their tutorial helps new users to understand the importance of the app and what it can do.  you can upload pictures on the app directly and options to adjust the size of the picture. Even beginner photographers or no experienced photographers can be benefited from the Auto filters. 

How To Download Snapseed on Pc? 

There are two very effective methods to download Snapseed on Windows PC. They are

  • Using Bluestacks
  • Using Nox player

Scroll down to know how to download using these methods.

Download Snapseed Using Bluestacks On PC or Laptop

People who download Android apps on PC should be aware of the Bluestacks app player. Bluestacks allows you to run an Android app on your PC. Given below is the step-by-step procedure to download and install Snapseed using Bluestacks.

Step1: Install Bluestacks on your pc. 

  • After downloading Bluestacks.exe file double click on it.
  •  Select “Next” whenever required and install it and launch it on your pc.

Step2: Find My Apps in Bluestacks and click it.

Step3: Search for Snapseed and when you see it click install to install it.

Step4: Click Google play on Bluestacks and login to your Google account.

Step5: After logging in to the Google account, the installation process will start. 

Download Snapseed Using Nox player On PC or Laptop

When you are having some problems with Bluestacks or facing issues with other options of Bluestacks, you can use the Nox player as an alternative option for Bluestacks. Nox player is also known as a good Android emulator. Go through the below steps to download Snapseed using Nox player.

Step1: Install Nox player on your PC

Step2: After downloading it install and run Nox player on your pc or laptop. Then log in to Google account in the Nox player.

Step3: Search for Snapseed and install on your Nox player simulator.


After editing pictures, time, metadata and data are well-protected. However, you can easily download Snapseed on Windows by the above methods easily. If you have any doubts regarding the installation process or if you are facing issues with an android emulator please do feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. We will try to answer within time.