How To Praise In Elden Ring?

Praise In Elden Ring: In the world of Elden, Ring can be a danger because you don’t realize what’s in store. This is where messages are a factor and prove beneficial. 

At the same time, some players send messages that can inform you about an opponent or a rare item, but some messages can be snarky or even misguided. 

If you’d like to express your appreciation to someone who left the message that helped save your character’s life, or helped you acquire some valuable item, here’s how to thank them on the Elden Ring.

How to Praise in Elden Ring

When you wish to thank an individual for leaving a positive note, you need to reach out to those glowing stones and engage in conversation with these rocks. Then on the actual message, you will see buttons that will prompt you to rate it as”Good or Poor” (Appraisal). 

If you decide to rate the message as “good,” the message creator will receive the 1 flask Crimson Tears Health for no cost. It is also possible to check the number of appraises a specific message received.

  • PlayStation Players: Use the D-pad to rate it as Good, and use the Options Button to rate it as Poor.
  • Xbox Players: Hit the View Button to rate it as Good, and use the Menu Button to give it a rating of Poor.
  • PC users Use the G Button to rate it as Good and use the ESC Button to rate it as Poor.

As you may know, Flask of Crimson Tears is indeed consumable. If your message receives lots of positive reviews and praises, you don’t need to think about refilling it by yourself. 

It’s possible to write a note of encouragement or entertain players with an obnoxious message.

It was all about the praise message in Elden Ring.