How to Get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

Get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark: Everyone knows that the map of the Lost Ark is one of the largest. There are huge seas, unknown continents, and undiscovered islands. As you may undoubtedly understand, it takes a long time to go by ship.

Fortunately, there are various methods to travel in Lost Ark, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One of them is Bifrost, which requires Bifrost Keys to access.

So there you have it: all you need to know about obtaining Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark.

How to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

Traveling to each spot on the map is the only way to continue through Lost Ark. However, not only is traveling by water is time-consuming, but it is also costly. Many people choose to go from place to place using the Bifrost function.

Bifrost is essentially a built-in teleportation skill that every player in Lost Ark possesses. It allows you to teleport to numerous areas on the map that you’ve already stored as a fixed point instantly. However, you must first obtain Bifrost Keys before you may fast travel to specific places on the map. This allows you to use the Bifrost function.

The good news is that as you go through Lost Ark, the first Bifrost Key will automatically open. After you’ve earned your Shipping Boat license, you’ll be able to use this Bifrost Key in a Bifrost Slot. After you’ve obtained the first Bifrost Key, you’ll only be able to discover two more throughout the game.

In Lost Ark, here’s how to collect each of the remaining Bifrost Keys:

  1. A second Bitfrost Key you can earn through Lost Ark will then be given out to reward you after you’ve reached the level of 60 of Lost Ark. It’s as simple as having to advance your character by playing the Roster Levels until the 60th level.
  2. 3. The final Bifrost Key is awarded when you’ve redeemed the nine Ignea Tokens. After reaching the 100% mark in Adventure Tome, progress in the diverse regions scattered throughout Lost Ark.

There you have it! This is the complete list of Bifrost Keys available in Lost Ark and the best way to get each.