Lost Ark Endgame Guide: Five Things to Do After Reaching Level 50

Lost Ark Endgame Five Things to Do After Reaching Level Fifty: Lost Ark a popular MMOARPG, has only recently made it to English-speaking countries. However, it’s been around for a while now. 

While there are many things to do and see in the main storyline, the real fun begins when you reach the level cap and enter the endgame content. 

These five things are to be done after getting the level 50 lid for Lost Ark.

1. Completion of Your Story Quests

If you have been clearing all the side quests and other sudden quests along your way, there is a good chance you will reach level 50 before you finish the story quests. So keep doing what you are doing and complete every quest marked with a blue star.

You’ll receive a set of final blue marker quests once you have reached Vern Castle, the North Vern area, which is one of the most critical milestones in Lost Ark.

Once you have completed the pursuit of Ealyn’s Gift, you can now focus on your gear and increasing your item level.

2. Start Running Chaos Dungeons

After you have completed Ealyn’s Gift, you are now ready to take on Chaos Dungeons. This is a great activity to start with, as it’s the easiest way you can get an Endgame Armor Set in Lost Ark.

The Gear Honing process can only be used with endgame equipment (more later). Standard leveling equipment is obsolete.

There are two Chaos Dungeon runs per day for each character. 

The rewards include Disorder Crystals, which can buy Harmony Shards to improve your equipment. You can also get gear from enemies to help you earn higher levels of Gear Honing. 

So keep up your Chaos Dungeon runs every day, as it will significantly help you at the beginning of your endgame journey.

As you will need to upgrade your ranks, keeping as many as possible is a good idea.

3. Take a look at The Tower.

Once you have completed the Endgame stuff in Lost Ark, the Tower will also be available to you. 

This solo activity is not like Chaos Dungeons. You will be required to climb 50 floors and eliminate the hordes. You’ll find that the enemies get more difficult as you climb higher.

 This means you will eventually reach a wall, depending on how high your item level is.

You can still progress in the Tower without a daily limit, but you will not be able to get better gear if you do. 

This can be done by increasing your item level using the drops from Chaos Dungeon runs. Then, hop into the Tower to see how far you can get.

4. Gear Honing and Transfer: Get used to it

Gear Honing will be the mainstay of the Endgame grind in Lost Ark. You won’t be chasing shiny loot in MMOs and other gritty games like it. 

While that’s still an essential factor in Lost Ark, you will spend more time upgrading pieces you already own to improve your gear score.

This requires a lot of Harmony Shards, Leapstones, and a lot of Harmony Shards. We recommend that you upgrade the best gear you have on you at all times and not wait for better loot. 

This is because it is effortless to transfer your entire upgrade process to a different piece of gear if you find one with better stats or a higher-level item.

You can use the Gear Transfer process to transfer your gear to the new one. This ensures that your resources don’t waste, and you don’t need to hoard any items.

Keep this in mind and upgrade any item you wish, as long as it increases in level.

5. Go to Item Level 456 and head to Rohendel.

Although you may have thought that reaching level 50 and finishing Ealyn’s Gift would mean you are done with Lost Ark’s story, it is not valid. 

This is an MMO, so the main story is not over. Once your item level has reached a certain point, there are still many things to look forward to.

It would help if you aimed to reach item level 460 quickly so you can upgrade your ship and sail on to the new continent Rohendel. 

You’ll find a lot more content here to help propel the story forward. There are also new Chaos Dungeons to run to sweet farm loot.