LastPass vs 1Password : Who is the Winner in 2021?

Our life revolves around passcodes or passwords because everything online is crucial, and therefore, we need to secure everything by putting different passwords. Today you will be reading a detailed Lastpass vs 1Password comparison that will help you pick the right password manager for your needs.

To be honest, I was the person who recovers password every single time until I got to know about password managers. If you are confused between Lastpass & 1Password, then you are at the perfect webpage. I will precisely compare both the respected password managers on all the relevant aspects. Let us not waste anymore of our time and move further to the main subject— Lastpass VS 1Password.

Lastpass vs 1Password Comparison:

lastpass vs 1password

Password Manager is one of the software programs for the people who are bad at remembering stuff, especially passcodes of social accounts. There is a wide range of password managers available in the market that claims to be trustworthy & reliable.

Lastpass & 1Password are popular password managers that enable you to save all your passwords in a single cell and use them without any hassle. Both the respected programs are trustworthy, but which one is better?

Let us have a closer look at all the relevant aspects of Lastpass & 1Password.

Features of LastPass

Lastpass is a popular password manager that allows you to store all your encrypted passwords and access everything at once. Unlike most of the password managers, Lastpass belongs to the freemium segment and offers both free & paid services.

1. Freemium

Lastpass is popular because it manages to offer absolutely free service to everyone. There are some limitations, and a user will require to upgrade their plan to premium to get rid of those restrictions.

2. Interface

If you are not a regular computer/laptop user, then you might find other password managers a little complicated. Unlike those complicated managers, Lastpass provides users with a comprehensive & straightforward interface.

3. No Lag

I have personally used Lastpass, and it works smoothly with no lag. Lastpass’s auto-fill function works perfectly with no pauses or lag.

4. Advanced Auto-fill

You might have experienced the auto-fill feature in other password managers. But Lastpass provides users with a little more advanced auto-filling function. Using Lastpass, you can not only auto-fill passwords but also other forms.

5. Compatible with all Operating Systems and Devices

Lastpass is pervasive in nature and connects all the devices with a single account that brings more convenience. You can use Lastpass on your computer browser, iOS & Android operating system.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Lastpass provides premium support to the users and all these astounding benefits at an affordable price.

Features of 1Password

1Password is another potential password manager, and as the name suggests, it requires you to remember 1 password for all your logins.

The major drawback or con of 1Password is that it does not feature a free (basic) plan. Besides, there is a certain limit of sharing on the individual premium plan.

1. Operable Interface

Like LastPass, 1Password features an accessible & easy to use interface. You can easily install the program on all your devices and enjoy hassle-free surfing.

2. Automated-filler

1Password tracks down your activity and captures password and auto-fills next time you require those passwords.

3. Security

Passwords are a crucial element for everyone, and therefore, security is an important factor to check. To protect the privacy of its users, 1Password uses the 256-Bit encryption.

These are some fantastic features of 1Password, and it has a lot more to it. I am not neglecting the fact that LastPass is better than 1Password in various ways. Let us explore more by digging the next crucial factor— Pricing.

LastPass vs 1Password Pricing Compared

Pricing is another crucial factor that influences someone’s thought about the whole product/service. In our subject, Lastpass offers a plan that is absolutely free, and on the other hand, 1Password is a completely paid program.

As mentioned above, the features of both respected services are almost similar. Similarities make it difficult for us to subject a single program better than the other one.

Below are the pricing and terms of LastPass & 1Password.

LastPass Pricing

LastPass is a premium password manager that is ruling the industry right now. If you are looking for a reliable password manager at an affordable price, then LastPass is a perfect option for you. LastPass is flexible & affordable in pricing terms as it provides a free plan.

As mentioned earlier, LastPass offers; Free Plan, Premium Plan & Families Plan.

The best thing is that LastPass offers a free trial of 30 days before the free plan starts. To unlock the sharing or syncing features, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan that costs about $3/month. Besides, the family plan offers 6 users in a single plan and costs $4/month, which is fantastic.

1Password Pricing Plans

Contrary to LastPass, 1Password does not offer any free or basic plan. It is completely paid, and users need to subscribe to the paid plan to experience it. The premium plan for individuals costs about $3/month, and you are restricted from sharing your account. Apart from the premium plan, 1Password provides its users with a family plan that costs $4.99/month.

All the plans of 1Password are billed annually, and you will need to pay them the amount at once. Also, the chances of getting a refund are too low, and hence, you should carefully make your decision.

Which One Should You Buy 1Password or LastPass?

We do not mean to defame any particular software program, and hence, the whole article you read is purely based on facts. I believe that this comprehensive article that subjected LastPass vs 1Password helped you and satisfied all your queries. These password managers are truly a lifesaver for me because I forget password & passcodes more often. Due to the increase in demand for such services, there is tough competition in the market. If you have any suggestions or doubts, then please comment below, and we’ll surely take that into account.

If you ask us to pick 1 software, we will straight up recommend you to use LastPass. 

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