Brave vs Chrome: Is Brave Browser Actually Faster and Better?

Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser having a total of 64% browser share in the world. Recently, a new competitor of Chrome has been emerging rapidly- Brave. The Brave browser has shown significant growth in recent times and that’s why this is the right time to take a look at the Brave vs Chrome battle.

If you have been wondering if Brave is better than Chrome, or what is the best alternative to Chrome, you are going to find this post interesting. This Brief comparison between Google Chrome and Brave will help you pick your side.

Google Chrome vs Brave: The Battle of Web Browsers

Google Chrome is the most popular and used web browser in the world. It is available for all the mainstream platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. This cross-platform browser is owned and operated by Google, and was initially launched in 2008. Ever since its launch, it has skyrocketed to success and became the market leader.

On the other hand, Brave is a free and open-source web browser available for the majority of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. This browser is based on Chromium and is developed by Brave Software Inc. It was launched in late-2019 and instantly rose as a legit competitor to Chrome.

Brave takes a different approach than Chrome about ads and user-privacy. It strips the ads and trackers from the website, shows its own ads, and allows users to donate cryptocurrency to the websites and content creators as Basic Attention Tokens.

General Features and Comparison

We’ll start this battle of the two greatest browsers of the current time by taking a look at their basic specifications and general features. Both Google Chrome and Brave are standard web browsers that you can use to browse the web. You can use them to visit websites, run web apps, and view online content. They both are free to use and remember website authentication information.

Google Chrome is based on the open-source Chromium project, while Brave is based on the Chromium browser. Chrome takes a sandbox-style approach to web security, while Brave takes a unique approach. In recent times, a lot of users are worried about Chrome invading so much into their life that they are searching for good alternatives.

Microsoft Edge is one common and very popular alternative, but a lot of people don’t find it good enough. This paved the way for Brave, which was developed by the firm co-founded by Brendan Eich, who is the creator of JavaScript, and co-founder of Mozilla.

Chrome vs Brave: Who Performs Better?

Everyone knows that Google Chrome is a strong go-to browser to load any website or page online. However, the fact that it hogs up a lot of PC’s resources isn’t hidden either. On the other hand, Brave is developed in a manner that it can easily outperform Chrome.

It consumes 33% less memory and hence loads any page faster than Google Chrome. Not only this but it also provides a longer battery life.

Along with this, Brave also protects your privacy and never collects any data While, Chrome is well-known for entering too much into your personal life to serve the ads that “sell.” All of this makes Brave a much better performer than Chrome in the current era.

Chrome vs Brave: Which one is better for your Privacy & Security?

Google Chrome has a terrible reputation when it comes to a person’s privacy and security. It collects too much data to serve more relevant ads and also monitors the way you browse the web, even in the “Incognito Mode.” On the other side, Brave is building its reputation as the savior of your privacy. It automatically blocks all the ads that track you. This not only protects your personal information but also loads the content faster.

When you browse the web with Chrome, your experience is compromised so that the advertisers, big tech companies, and other parties can earn dollars. Brave saves you from this. You can even check all the blocked stuff during your browsing sessions with Brave to find out how dark the internet actually is.

Chrome vs Brave: Ram Usage Comparison

It was interesting to compare the RAM or Memory Usage of both browsers. We have tested Brave and Chrome to figure out which one is lighter to use on a Windows PC. When idle, both browsers consume a similar amount of RAM but Brave uses a slightly lower amount (297MB for Chrome and 167MB for Brave).

When we load websites, there is a drastic difference between the RAM usage by Chrome and Brave. We loaded a random combination of different types of webpages from various URLs and the results clearly show that Brave uses one-third of the RAM used by Chrome in a similar scenario. Brave offers a 40% to 70% memory reduction than Chrome.

Is Brave Really Better Than Google Chrome?

After going through the long comparisons, this is the question that might be roaming in your mind- if Brave is really better than Chrome? If you ask me, I’d say yes, I find it better and this post has been written while using Brave.

One thing that made me stick to Chrome, and not switch to any other browser was “Chrome Extensions.” But since Brave is based on Chromium, I can add and use the same extensions on it. So, I find Brave better than Chrome because, it is more private, blocks ads automatically, loads websites faster, and provides a swifter browser experience.

However, that doesn’t mean that Chrome is bad. It is one of the best browsers in the world but now Brave has highlighted its shortcomings. It has shown the world that what they lack, and delivered the same.

Should I switch to Brave in 2021?

Yeah, why not. If you don’t want to use Chrome for any reason, be it concerns over privacy or Chrome slowing down your PC, or anything else, then Brave will be the best replacement for Chrome. You can switch to it without any worries. It is an incredibly fast, feature-rich, secure, and smooth web browser.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then you should give it a shot soon. Then, you can decide for yourself if you want to start using Brave more, or want to stick to Chrome like before.

Final Verdict

Brave vs Chrome is one of the hottest debates on the internet right now. We have broken down their comparison into simple yet detailed bits in this post. So, if you were confused about what browser is better than the other, you can make your mind now. Brave is going to be one of the fiercest competitor to Chrome in the coming years.

That’s all for this battle. I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to pour down your opinions.