Kingdom Hearts 3 is Leaving Xbox Game Pass

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Leaving: Microsoft has confirmed that this game will soon leave the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was an experience that was more than ten years in the making and, when it came out in the year 2019, it received mostly favorable reviews and was generally well-received by the fans. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released on Xbox Game Pass just over a year after it was first released, and subscribers were able to play the game as of February 2020. 

It appears the Kingdom Hearts 3‘s availability on Xbox Game Pass is nearly to be over for Kingdom Hearts fans.

Microsoft has announced it is confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be removing Xbox Game Pass later in January 2022. 

It will be join by six other games receiving the boot out of the service. The PUBG game Battlegrounds will be removed on January 10, as the game’s battle royale has been confirmed to be available for free play on January 20. 

However, the other available games, including Kingdom Hearts 3, are due to be taken off on the 15th of January on a Saturday.

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 This will give Xbox Game Pass subscribers only a couple of weeks to complete the cult action RPG.

It takes around thirty hours to beat Kingdom Hearts 3 on average, so players are likely to play the game before it leaves Xbox Game Pass.

 If they can finish the game in that time is another issue entirely, but, in the end, all the things within Kingdom Hearts 3 are certainly a substantial commitment to time. 

It is likely to take Kingdom Hearts 3 players twice as much time to finish the game as it takes to complete the story.

There’s also post-launch content available for Kingdom Hearts 3 fans to be aware of also. First, it’s worth noting that the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind DLC isn’t part of The Xbox Game Pass package; however, gamers can buy the DLC to play the entire game without purchasing the base game.

 Or, someone who wants to hold Kingdom Hearts 3 in their collection or isn’t able to finish it before it’s gone could prefer to purchase.

 The game’s base version is as long as it’s in Game Pass .

Because all Xbox Game Pass games are sell with a discount of 20.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is undoubtedly one of the essential games to leave Xbox Game Pass in January 2022; however.

There’s another main game that fans may be incline to consider prioritizing as well. 

The critically acclaimed stealth-based game Desperados 3 will also be taken off on January 15th. 

So Game Pass subscribers interested in this particular game should make sure they test it out as long as possible.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available to PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch version currently in development.