Warzone Update fixes Invisible Skin Bug.

Fixes Invisible Skin Bug: Raven Software, developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, has released a new update that fixes the invisible skin bug affecting players for several weeks.

Also made a tweak to the Firesale public sale.

Francis’ Awoken operator skin was making problems.

 It disappeared from view at certain distances, confusing if you didn’t know. 

You could often see a floating head moving about.

It was both frightening and frustrating for those trying to kill. 

Hopefully, the new update will eliminate that unfair advantage and level out the playing field.

The Call of Duty: Warzone update adjusts the Firesale event’s duration. It will now last for the entirety of the circle it begins with, instead of just for a short time.

 You can now enjoy discounts for as long as your spot is suitable.

Raven has implemented two significant updates. also fixed collision issues, allowing players to exploit, shoot or peek through certain Caldera elements. 

 It also prevented every Loadout Drop spawning at the exact coordinates.

Raven Software has provided the full update notes for Call of Duty Warzone.


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  • The Firesale Public Event in Vanguard Modes will now last the duration of the specific Circle it begins with.


  • Caldera has been updated to fix collision problems with different elements, allowing players to explore/peek/shoot through these issues.
  • It fixed an issue that caused every Loadout Drop to spawn at XY’s exact coordinates.
  • It fixed an issue that caused the “Awakened” Francis Operator Skin to become invisible from a certain distance.