How to Get the Grave Scythe In Elden Ring

Grave Scythe In Elden Ring: The new souls like RPG from Dark Souls creators, FromSoftware, came out at the end of February. Critics praised it. People who play the new game have been drawn into The Lands Between’s mysterious and dangerous world and sent on a quest to rebuild the Elden Ring.

It’s a massive open-world RPG, so there are many ways to make a character in the game. Players can use the game’s Bleed mechanic to inflict huge amounts of damage by causing their target’s blood loss buildup to reach a certain point.

 One of the most potent builds does this. It’s possible to make any weapon do Bleed damage with an Ash of War. Some weapons are better than others at this. 

The Grave Scythe is a large reaper that has a 55 Bleed buildup. It’s one of the best early weapons for a Bleed build that can reach.

Places to Find the Grave Scythe in the Elden Ring

People can find the Grave Scythe in many different places, but none of them is sure to drop. Instead, any Skeleton Mage in the game has a chance to drop the heavy reaper, and it can happen. This enemy is most often found in graveyards, ambushes, shallow water, or under bridges, but it can also be found in other places.

So long as you don’t kill their bodies while they’re putting them back together again, Skeleton Mages can get back up and fight again. A few weapons can turn this feature off, but they’re primarily found in the middle and late game.

An excellent place to get Skeleton Mages for your Grave Scythe is in Liurnia of the Lakes, which is in the area of Elden Ring. If players go around Stormveil Castle instead of through it, they can get to this area a lot faster in the game.

Start by exploring the Graveyard and Stillwater Cave, both at the bottoms of the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. They’re both excellent places to start, and they’re both exciting places.

Elden Ring Grave Scythe Breakdown

The Grave Scythe can be used to help players get a head start in their Bleed-focused Eldenring build. This is especially true for those who prefer weapons with more reach. These are the core features of the Grave Scythe:

  • Damage type Slash
  • Default Ash of War Spinning Slash: A 6/12 FP cost attack that spins forward with a wide sweep
  • Weight: 7.0
  • Attributes Requirements: Str 17, Dex 13.
  • Attribute Scaling Str D, C, Dex D
  • Attack Power Physical 112, Critical 100
  • Guarded damage negation
    • Physical: 49
    • Magic: 33
    • Fire: 33
    • Lightning: 33
    • Holy: 33
    • Guard Boost: 33
  • Passive effects:
    • Blood loss buildup (55)
    • Raises Vitality (35)
    • Raises Immunity (35)
  • Upgrade Material: Smithing Stones

The Grave Scythe can be upgraded to any different Ash of War options, potentially changing its damage and scaling. The Blood infusion is an excellent option for the Grave Scythe, as it will increase blood loss and damage.