Can You Play Halo Infinite For Free?

Play Halo Infinite For Free: Halo Infinite will be the next installment in the legendary Halo franchise. S and it will, hopefully, serve as a tentpole game for the console for years to come. 

You’re probably here to find out if Halo Infinite is available for free

You’ll find it different from previous games in this series, so it’s easy to understand if it seems confusing.

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Playing Halo Infinite For Free?

Let’s get down to business. Halo infinite has a paid and a free-to-play section. 

When the game releases later in the year, its single-player campaign mode will be available at a price.

 It will likely cost $60 and allow interested players to experience Master Chief’s latest adventure.

Multiplayer Free

The primary campaign will be expensive, but the multiplayer is completely free. 

This is the first time this has happened in series history. Although it is not clear how this will work at the moment, competitive multiplayer online will still be available without spending a penny.

You don’t have to care about the story, and you can save some money and download the multiplayer section completely free.

Halo Infinite Free with Game Pass

You can ignore everything if you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer sections free of charge, just like all first-party Xbox Games.

This is all you need to know to play Halo Infinite.