Where to find the Ronin armour set in Elden Ring

In the Lands Between, you’ll come across an NPC named Yura who is on the hunt for Bloody Fingers. His questline rewards some fantastic weapons and Ashes of War, and if you follow him to the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll be able to obtain the Ronin armour set in Elden Ring after fighting him.

Where to find the Ronin armour set in Elden Ring

He helps fight the Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave. He gives you the Reduvia dagger if he is killed. Another thing that Yura tells people not to do is fight Agheel, the dragon in Limrave, even though it starts you on the path to Dragon Communion.

This time, he’s in Liurnia of the Lakes. He’s going to fight the Ravenmount assassin Bloody Finger there. You will get the Raptor of the Mists and Ash of War as a reward for your work there.

At the Second Church of Marika, where he is dying, you meet Yura for the third time. You get Eleonora’s Poleblade if you kill the Bloody Finger at the church. The Nagakiba katana is on his body.

Yura’s body is then taken over by Shabriri, a disciple of the Three Fingers, the Frenzied Flame, and a hunter for the Lord of Chaos.

You’ll meet him near the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace early on in your journey across the Mountaintops of the Giants.

That’s where he tells you to give up your quest to become the Lord of Elden and instead give yourself to the flames of rage. Not at all. You don’t have to do this to get Yura’s armour set. Kill Shabriri, and you’re done.

The first thing to do is hit Shabriri three times to make him angrier. Then stay far away when he starts to use his Frenzy spells.

It doesn’t take long to defeat Shabriri because he doesn’t have much health and can only be healed once. Soon after Shabriri’s body fades away into the mist, it comes to you.