Krafton is a partner with Bugatti Rimac to bring

Krafton is a partner with Bugatti: The PUBG game New State developer Krafton has joined forces with Bugatti Rimac to bring the Rimac Nevera into the game.

This is the first significant collaboration for PUBG: New State since the game’s launch on the 11th of November, 2021.¬†

The game had accumulated more than 40 million downloads within the first week and generated more than $2.6 million of player spending.

Rimac Nevera Rimac Nevera will become available with the next update to The PUBG series New State at the end of this month. Also, a time-limited Rimac crate with exclusive items in the game will be released.

Faster than speed

“We are thrilled to work together with one of most well-known game companies,” added Bugatti Rimac’s senior marketing manager¬† Ela Buljat.

“When they first spoke to us about the futuristic game idea, it was an easy choice; Rimac Nevera perfectly fits the kind of digital world they envision.

We are looking at reading the reviews of their players and arranging offline and online activities over the next few months. It’s a satisfying long-term relationship with excellent results for both parties.”

The executive producer for PUBG: New States Minkyu Park add: “We are thrill to announce our first partnership, and it’s a privilege to have Bugatti-Rimac, an iconic and innovative car manufacturer, join us to start this new season. This is a significant collaboration for us, and adding an iconic car like the Rimac Nevera to the game will enhance the game’s excitement, fun, and experience for our players.”

On November 1, New State predecessor PUBG Mobile partnered with Koenigsegg to introduce two of the company’s “most creative” models into the game.