Vodafone USSD Codes: How to Check Net Balance & Data?

The Vodafone Network is a very popular network for its services and network coverage in rural and urban areas. If you are using a Vodafone sim network or have recently switched to Vodafone from another network and do not know how to look for new network services. For Vodafone, it provides three ways to verify the balance and validity of Vodafone network data. How to check the internet balance? How to check Vodafone balance? If you are a Vodafone India customer looking for USSD codes to check your account balance, Internet balance and enable/disable services, you’re in the right place, buddy! The specified USSD number or a.k.a code is called unstructured supplementary service data. This serves as a mobile platform and software for service providers to send and receive text messages.

Today, in this article, we have included Vodafone USSD codes and SMS codes along with a Mobile app for the Vodafone India network, which can help you when you want to check your Internet balance, connection balance, start/stop service and more.

Vodafone USSD codes 2020

USSD codes are ideal for knowing useful information about your registered Vodafone SIM. You can know how to verify your Vodafone number or how to know Vodafone’s net balance and other things like:

  • Mobile Number and Expiration
  • Vodafone Master Balance Check
  • Vodafone 2G / 3G / 4G Data Balance Check
  • Local minutes, STD and roaming available
  • Special data packages with validity
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Vodafone Balance Inquiry

1. How to Check Vodafone Account Balance and Expiration Date

Vodafone customers can check their account balance by dialing * 141 # USSD code, to query Internet data balance, dial * 111 * 2 * 2 # USSD code or sending SMS, enter DATA BAL and send it to 144 from your number.

In addition, you can manage your Vodafone account through the app. Download and sign in to my Vodafone app from the app store to check more details about your Vodafone account.

2. Vodafone App – Verify Use and Validity of Vodafone Data

Another way to check your balance is through the My Vodafone app. It is available on Android and iOS and can be downloaded from their stores.

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Register your number in the app

Now log in to the Vodafone app. After logging in, you can easily check your Vodafone data balance or other active services on your Vodafone number.

Step 3: Touch the account and it will open options including account balance, data balance, and other exclusive offers.

3. Alternative Method to Check Vodafone Net Balance

  • Go to the Vodafone account login page.
  • Now register your Vodafone account with your Vodafone mobile number.
  • After successful account registration, return to the Vodafone login page and log in to your account.
  • After you log in to your account, the Vodafone account panel will be displayed.
  • Here you can check data usage

Some FAQs related Vodafone USSD codes

How to check the Vodafone data balance?

To find out your Vodafone data balance, you can dial the Vodafone Code USSD * 111 * 2 #. This will return your data balance for the Vodafone number.

Can I use these numbers to verify my Vodafone credit balance?

Yes. You can also use the USSD codes mentioned above as Vodafone credit balance number checks. Similarly, you can use Vodafone USSD codes to learn how to verify Vodafone data balance as well.

How to verify if my Vodafone recharge was successful?

You can use Vodafone balance verification numbers to verify the recharge status just as you can verify the Vodafone data balance.

Is there a difference between Vodafone balance verification numbers and balance verification codes?

No. They are very similar. You can also use the Vodafone code number to verify the recharge status of Vodafone.

What is the Vodafone balance inquiry number?

The Vodafone balance enquiry number is nothing more than the Vodafone USSD codes that you can use to verify your Vodafone data balance.

How to check the Internet balance in Vodafone?

Dial * 111 * 2 # to find out your Internet balance in Vodafone. You can also use the Vodafone application to find out your Internet balance.

Can I check the recharge status of the Vodafone number with Vodafone USSD codes?

Yes! You can do this status using the Vodafone recharge verification number (USSD Voda codes)


In case we missed something, let us know in the comments section below and we will update it. For more information, about other USSD codes of the various service providers or verification of net or data balance, you can also read my other articles.

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