Airtel USSD Codes 2021 | Now Check Balance, Validity, Offers

Airtel USSD codes are important codes when it comes to checking the balance of Airtel sim services. Airtel USSD code list includes the latest USSD codes from the Airtel network. These Airtel codes help verify the usage details of the Internet data balance, the latest full talk time offer or Internet balance is available for your Airtel mobile phone number. Almost all the Airtel services that you can manage with the help of these codes or you can download My Airtel application to find the balance of checks, the transfer service, and other details.

Today, in this article, we have listed the USSD codes and SMS codes for the Airtel network, which can help you when you want to check your balance, start/stop the service and much more.

What are USSD codes (unstructured supplementary service data)?

The USSD code is unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), called “quick codes” or “function codes”, is a protocol used by the GSM cellular network to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD can be used for WAP navigation, prepaid callback service, balance verification services, balance transfer services, mobile money services, location-based content services, services of information based on menus and as part of the telephone configuration on the network.

Why do we need Airtel’s USSD codes?

A new user does not know particular USSD codes to verify that service. We need to ask the customer service executive to obtain the USSD code for a particular service. With the help of the Airtel code list, we can easily verify the following service details, such as Airtel balance verification 4g, Airtel balance and validity details, Airtel mobile without details, verify Airtel SMS, minute balance, The last best special offer related to the recharge offer, details of the net pack plan, which is currently active in your phone number.

List of Airtel USSD Codes for Data:

Mobile data is very stable today. Airtel provides 2G, 3G, and 4G data. The data packet can be activated from USSD codes. This is important when your data package has expired and you are not getting data. The data balance can be verified from USSD and a data package can be purchased from the main balance using a USSD code. The following is the list of codes that Airtel provides for data services. Mobile data transfer is also possible with the use of USSD codes.

Airtel Recharge Code:

These days we have internet and smartphones in most places. Mobile subscribers can log in to the Airtel website and can be recharged through Internet banking, credit card, etc. But still, there are people who have Airtel connection in basic mobile phones. To recharge Airtel, they buy the coupon. Airtel provides the USSD code to reload from the coupon. The code is * 121 * 3 #. After dialing the code, it will request a 16-digit coupon code.

Airtel Recharge offer:

Airtel gives recharge offers time. These offers are good for saving money. As with Airtel’s offers, one has to recharge the main balance for calls and a separate recharge for data. Airtel offers deals like 448 for 82 days of unlimited calls and 2GB data per day. Mobile subscribers can check Airtel recharge offers through USSD codes and can recharge from the main balance. The following are the steps. Dial * 121 #, the menu will have an option for My offer. Enter this option and send it. The available offers will now be displayed. Select the option for the offer and continue. The top-up will be made from the main balance.

Airtel USSD codes and MMI codes:

The Airtel code will not be from the list of MMI codes provided by the phone. The MMI code of the telephone is the command used by the telephone user. Many times a user dials a chain to access phone details or activate/deactivate the service. Any string other than the list of MMI codes, send the USSD request.

How to check Airtel’s balance through the Airtel mobile app

Without using/remembering Airtel’s USSD codes, you can also check Airtel’s balance using another method. That other way to verify the balance is the My Airtel application. The application is available on both Android and iOS. You can download the application through their respective application stores.

The following are the steps to verify Airtel’s balance through the My Airtel application

Step 1: Download the My Airtel [Android] and [iOS] application

Step 2: Register with your Airtel number

Step 3: You will get OTP to your Airtel number

Step 4: Verify your phone number by entering OTP

Step 5: Log in to my Airtel application, then click on A/c Balance

Step 6: Touch “My Account.” Now you can check the talk time / SMS / 3G, the balance of 4G data and other Airtel services. 

Features of the My Airtel application:

  • Check the latest best deals.
  • You can verify the validity of the data balance, the reload history, the complete offer of the Talktime application.
  • You can manage Airtel services and the details of value-added services.
  • You can apply for a loan application of Rs.10 Advance Talktime, loan data from the Internet and easily transfer Talktime.

Bottom Line:

I hope these Airtel codes help you verify the services and use of Airtel. If we have missed something, or if you need to know more details about any USSD code, let us know in the comments section below.

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