AMD RX 6000 Graphics Cards Are Currently Cheaper Than MSRP

AMD RX 6000 Graphics Cards Are Currently Cheaper Than MSRP: This generation has undoubtedly made it harder for anybody looking for a new graphics card or console to find.

Although Intel predicts that chip shortages will last a bit longer, there is encouraging news about cost. If you haven’t been paying attention recently, GPU costs have been declining, which may be due to a drop in demand, with specific AMD and Nvidia gear becoming much more affordable.

Those in Europe who want to purchase a new AMD graphics card may breathe a sigh of relief, according to the most recent report from the German website 3DCenter, as seen by Videocardz.

It should now be feasible to acquire an RX 6000 card for less than MSRP if the supply is sufficient. The current price decline is shown in a graph, and data collected reveals that this range of RDNA goods often sells for around 8% less than retail pricing.

The RX 6500 XT seems to have the largest discount, often selling for as little as 23% less than MSRP. In contrast, the RX 6600 may cost 20% more than the suggested retail price.

Even some Nvidia GPUs were included in the statistics, although they are only averagely above their respective MSRPs by roughly 2 per cent, so overall, the news is still positive.

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It should be emphasized once again that this occurred in Europe, so maybe it will impact other regions, including the US. Given the sharp decline in graphics card pricing, it seems that either team red or team green’s new products will be a sensible investment right now.

Since Intel, one of the entrants has reportedly delayed the introduction of its Arc desktop card, which has only begun to be distributed in China, the data does not include Intel.

Additionally, the prospective arrival of the next generation may be in a few months. The race is on to discover which of the two tech titans can rule supreme in this very competitive sector, particularly given a continuous deficit. AMD plans to debut its RDNA 3 as early as this October.

Of course, the primary foe of team red won’t make things simple. This September, Nvidia could introduce its RTX 40-series. The original release date for the Ada Lovelace line was allegedly set for around August.

Although both firms will aim to give up a variety of next-generation graphics technologies in the coming months, this still puts the team green ahead of AMD.