25 VPN Black Friday Deals 2020: Upto 95% Discount [Live]

The e-commerce platforms are showering lucrative deals and discounts as Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner. VPN Providers are nowhere behind. They are offering incredibly amazing Black Friday Deals on VPN. There are highly profitable deals available on major names like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and many more.

If you don’t want to be left behind and want to grab them, this post is specially written to guide you. Here, I will inform you about the 30 best Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals. You can claim these and save up on your yearly VPN budget.

Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2020

Shopping enthusiasts keep waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year. These two days are none less than a festival in the whole world. You can get almost anything at a highly discounted price on these occasions. Black Friday is coming on 27th November 2020. However, VPN Black Friday deals have already arrived. VPN providers are aggressively contesting to attract as many customers by offering intense discounts.

Almost every VPN provider including major names like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, SurfShark, etc are offering fruitful deals for new and existing users. Some are offering discounts of up to 95%, while others are offering 6-months of a free trial. If you have been planning to buy a premium VPN, but the budget was your problem, now is the time to hit the ‘Buy’ button.

You can get any VPN at the lowest possible price. I’ve listed all the Black Friday VPN deals below. You can go through them, compare, and pick the most suitable one for you.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is the most popular, fastest, and one of the most secure VPNs on the internet. Generally, its price is around $12 per month. However, NordVPN is available for a whopping discount of 68% currently. You can get it for as low as $3.71/month by signing up for the 2-year plan. You will get the first 3-months free, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users as a desktop application, and available for Android as iOS users as a mobile app. The user interface on every platform is sleek and comfortable. It is a complete solution to browse the web privately. This is the best time to grab this lightning-fast VPN.

2. SurfShark

SurfShark is another massively popular VPN that is fast, reliable, and very secure. This great VPN is currently available for a discount of 83% and you will get 3-months for free. They are serving the deal with the tagline- “Eating other VPN deals alive” and they truly are. As compared to the original $12.95/month price, you can currently get SurfShark for as low as $2.21 per month.

SurfShark is a perfect VPN for streaming, torrenting, and protecting your privacy online. The most notable feature is that it supports unlimited devices, while other VPNs have a limit.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN doesn’t need an introduction when someone is discussing the best VPNs. It is one of the most popular, fastest, and most secure VPN providers in the world. ExpressVPN boasts having over 3000 servers across 160 locations in 194 countries. This means you can connect to anywhere in the world virtually.

For its special Black Friday deal, ExpressVPN is offering 3-free months when you sign up for a year. The monthly plan costs $12.95 per month, so you’ll be able to save around $39. Not only this, but you’ll also get a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is another well-known VPN offering a huge discount on Black Friday. Currently, its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is live and you get it for a discount of 78%. You will also get 2-free-months when you sign up for its 2-year plan. You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services.

Private Internet Access supports 10 simultaneous devices with extremely fast internet speed. It has more than 17,000+ servers in 174 countries worldwide.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is a US-based VPN service provider that is widely popular across the globe. It provides an impressively fast internet speed and secure access to its users. IPVanish is currently offering a 76% discount on the yearly plan that costs around $144. This means you can get IPVanish for a year at just $34.99. It is one of the best Black Friday deals in my opinion.

Along with the discount, they are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee that follows the no-questions-asked policy. And, you will also get 24×7 live chat support.

6. PureVPN

PureVPN is a renowned VPN service provider that has been in the industry since 2017. This great tool is incredible fast and highly secure. It even supports 10 multi-logins, so your family members or friends are also protected online. It has thousands of servers in 141+ countries to unblock all geological restrictions.

Currently, PureVPN is offering a discount of up to 86% for Black Friday. You can claim the discount by visiting them and buying the most suitable plan. You can get the PureVPN 5 years-plan for just $89.

7. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is considered the most secure VPN as it is Switzerland based. You can grab the ProtonVPN premium plan for a discount of up to 50%. Along with the discount, you will also get early access to ProtonDrive- it is a very secure and trusted cloud storage by ProtonVPN.

If you are planning to buy a fast, secure, and affordable VPN, you should consider buying ProtonVPN instantly without thinking twice. Go for it.

8. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another very popular VPN that is available for multiple platforms. You can use it on your PC as well as mobile. Hotspot Shield is offering a discount of 77% on its 3-year plan. This means you can get it for as low as $2.99 per month. Ignoring a premium VPN at such a price tag would be foolish.

Hotspot Shield has over 25,00+ servers around the world. It follows a strict no-logs policy and uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your identity online.

9. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a public VPN service provider based in Canada. It offers high-speed internet connectivity and military-grade 256-bit AES encryption for its users. TunnelBear is offering a discount of 67% on its 3-year plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This means you can get it for the lowest price of $3.33 per month.

If you are fond of streaming movies and shows that aren’t available in your region, TunnelBear can be your best choice to unblock geo-restrictions.

10. SecureVPN

SecureVPN is a fairly popular VPN service provider that offers great speed and intact security. It has an extensive range of servers based in 100+ countries across the globe. SecureVPN is providing a discount of 27% on its annual plan. You may wonder why they are offering comparatively lower discounts.

But, SecureVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs on the web. Their original yearly price is only $69.99. Now, you can get it for only $51, which is a pretty great deal.

11. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an enormously popular VPN that is offering a huge discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. CyberGhost’s 3-year plan is up for grabs at 83% off for just $2.25 per month. This is a once in a year deal that you shouldn’t miss if you genuinely want a great premium VPN.

Along with the discount, you will also get the first 3-months for free. And, they are even offering a 45-days money-back guarantee. They’ll refund you without any cross-question if you don’t like their services.

12. StrongVPN

StrongVPN is a highly-rated premium VPN that is offering great discounts and deals for Cyber Month. As of now, you can get StrongVPN for a flat 50% off. You can get their annual plan for only $34.99, which is an amazing deal.

You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 250 GB of free SugarSync Cloud Storage. In my opinion, I’d strongly recommend you grab this deal ASAP.


IVACY is another premium VPN that is offering massive discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get IVACY’S 5-year plan for a discount of 81%. This means you have to pay only $69.99 for 5 years of IVACY’S wonderful services. All your worries for internet security and privacy will be gone for half a decade.

You shouldn’t miss this deal. Their services are incredible. You will get strict 256-bit AES encryption and a no-logs policy to always stay protected.

14. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is one more very strong contender for the best Black Friday deals. You can get VyprVPN’s annual plan at a discount of 71%, and the 2-year plan for a discount of 80%. This means that you can get VyprVPN for $3.75 per month or $2.50 per month, respectively. I’ll recommend that you go with a longer plan.

They are even offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services. It is a great VPN to stream content without any censorship or geo-restrictions. You will get extremely fast internet speed and military-grade encryption for security.

15. TorGuard

TorGuard is the perfect VPN for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one privacy solution. This multi-function, cross-platform VPN is able to protect all your devices. For Black Friday, TorGuard is offering a lifetime discount of 50%. This means that you can use TorGuard at half of its original price for your whole life.

You wouldn’t have to look at any other Black Friday deal if you’ll grab this one. So, don’t waste your time and go buy TorGuard’s premium subscription. Some of the most notable features of TorGuard include anonymous VPN, anonymous proxy, stealth-mode, and private email.

All Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals

Here is the full list of Top Black Friday VPN deals that will further extend till Cyber Monday.

  1. NordVPN68% Off+ 3 Free Months.
  2. SurfShark83% Off + 3 Free Months.
  3. ExpressVPN49% Off+ 3 Free Months.
  4. Private Internet Access78% Off with 30-day Money-back.
  5. IPVanish76% Off with 30-day Money-back.
  6. PureVPN85% Off on the 5-year plan.
  7. ProtonVPN50% Off on the 2-year plan.
  8. Hotspot Shield77% Off on the 3-year plan.
  9. TunnelBear67% Off/ Get 3-year plan for only $3.33/month.
  10. SecureVPN27% Off/ Get the yearly plan for $51 only.
  11. CyberGhost83% Off+ 3 Free Month.
  12. StrongVPN50% Off+ 30-Day Money-back.
  13. IVACY81% Off/ 3-year plan costing only $69.
  14. VyprVPN80% Off  on the 2-year plan.
  15. TorGuard50% Off Lifetime discount.
  16. ibVPN55% Off+ 15-Day Money-back.
  17. FastestVPN89% Off/ Get the 5-year plan for only $1.11/month.
  18. ZoogVPN90% Off on the 2-year plan.
  19. CactusVPN54% Off on the annual plan.
  20. ZenMateCosting only $1.64/month with the 3-year plan.
  21. SwitchVPN40% Off on Premium & Family plan.
  22. ActiVPN75% Off on the 2-year plan.
  23. SaferVPN81% Off/ Get it for $2.50 per month.
  24. Trust.Zone75% Off/ Get it for $2.33 per month.
  25. UltraVPNOnly $2.99/month+ 6 Free months of VPN+ 30-day Money-back.

Why You Should Buy a VPN on Black Friday?

Basically, VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) is a tool that protects your privacy and increases safety online. It achieves that by sending the internet traffic via its own encrypted servers instead of routing them through the internet provider. So, no one can track your activity online. Nowadays, VPNs have become so common due to increased concerns about online tracking and data collection.

Therefore, buying and using a premium VPN is highly recommended. It will help you avoid ad trackers, you can torrent safely, and access any sensitive document without worrying about getting tracked. You can truly stay anonymous on the web. However, good VPNs are expensive. Everyone is not able to afford their premium plans.

But, with Black Friday VPN deals going live, anyone and everyone can buy a premium VPN at the cheapest rate. The best VPNs on the web are available for up to 50 to 95% off. Not only this, but you’ll also get a free trial, money-back guarantee, and live 24×7 support. That’s why you should always consider buying a VPN on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Final Verdict

Black Friday VPN Deals are amazing! They let you buy even the most expensive VPNs for a cheap price tag. These are the 30 best VPN deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday currently. I’ll keep adding more deals here as they are released. Make sure you keep visiting us to find more of these. Also, if you know a friend who you think would like these deals, share this post with them.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share opinions or ask questions about anything mentioned here. I’ll be glad to respond.