Best Password Managers in 2020 [Most Affordable & Secure]

In this chaotic digital era, a person has hundreds of passwords to remember, and therefore, remembering them all is undoubtedly a perplexing job. If you are struggling to find a solution for these, then you should definitely try a reliable password manager. In this article, I will be sharing the best password manager to help you out with this stupid problem.

Setting up the same password is not as safe as breaching one site can destroy all your profiles with the same password. I was too a victim of not being able to remember different passwords for different websites. But these password managers are undoubtedly a lifesaver for me, and hence, we thought awarding you all about reliable password managers for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Best Password Managers

In simple words, a password manager is a secure locker that stores all your password, and only you can access it via a super-strong password. Let us not wander around the introduction and move further to the main subject & cease your curiosity.

Best Password Manager for Individuals

As already mentioned, a password manager acts as a digital vault, which is strongly encrypted and stores all your passwords. There are many software & programs that offer password managing service, but one should not blindly trust any site/program for their personal information.

We did in-depth research and then reported some of the top password managers for you.

1. Dashlane

Dashlane is a premium password manager but offers a freemium service plan to cover all types of audiences. The interface provided by Dashlane is straightforward & user-friendly that makes it more accessible. Dashlane is pervasive in nature as it covers all major platforms that include macOS, Windows, Android & iOS. 

The tagline of Dashlane “Every Password Everywhere” is defined by the sync feature that allows you to access your password on all your devices. Dashlane is undoubtedly a reliable password manager that does not store your data. A user can save up to 50 passwords in the free version, but to unlock the premium features, you will need to subscribe to the paid version. 

You can subscribe to the Dashlane premium for about $60/year, which is fair considering the features offered by them. So if you are searching for a trustworthy & reliable password manager, then Dashlane is certainly the best option for you.

2. Lastpass

Like Dashlane, Lastpass also belongs to the freemium segment that offers some free as well as paid services. The standard version is basically web-based and makes it easy for people to access their passwords from any computer system easily. Besides, Lastpass is available for macOS, Windows OS, Android, Linux & iOS that makes it an amazing program. Lastpass offers some plugins/extensions that make integration with the browser more personal, and you can directly put password without typing or copy-pasting.

The interface does not offer much and is quite basic, which does not add or subtracts any value. Lastpass is easily operable considering the features, and it is available at an affordable value price. You can use the basic version of Lastpass for absolutely free, and upgrading to the premium plan will cost about $3/month. 

3. 1Password

1Password is another potential password manager program developed by AgileBits. As the name suggests, the motive of 1Password is to remember one password to access hundreds of different passwords. It makes logging to different sites more convenient by providing correct (SAVED) passwords in a single click. 1Password is subjected to as the best-rated password manager by Trustpilot and many other titles by professional tech blogs.

You can access 1Password on all the major operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS & Android. It offers flexible pricing plans for both single & family users. You can subscribe to the premium 1Password for about $3/month (billed annually.) If you are looking for multiple users, then you should opt for a family plan that covers 5 users and costs $4.99/month (also billed annually.)

4. NordPass

From the developers of NordVPN, NordPass is a reliable password manager that aims to protect all your stored passwords & makes it easy for you to recall them at once. NordPass is recognized by Forbes, Business Insider, and other popular magazines that make it a worth trying password manager. The interface provided by NordPass is quite enchanting and adds value to the user experience.

NordPass features a basic free plan that you can use only at one device, and there is no syncing option either. Contrary to the basic plan, the premium version of NordPass covers up to 6 devices with no restrictions, and it costs about $2.49/month.

5. BitWarden

BitWarden is an average password manager that does not charge anything for storing your passwords. It is an open-source & absolutely free password manager that fulfills your requirements to some extent. BitWarden is all-pervasive as it covers all the major platforms & devices and also provides users with web-based vault integration. If you are searching for a free password manager, then BitWarden is perfect for ceasing your search. 

6. RoboForm

RoboForm is another reliable password manager program that is subjected as a secure software by many professionals. The thing that makes it unique is the affordable value price and astounding premium features. It is especially designed for smartphones and does not offer any desktop application but you can use plugins & extensions to integrate it with your computer or laptop. The pricing plans offered by RoboForm are economical and costs about $17/year for a single user. RoboForm is undoubtedly the best manager for the people searching for a premium solution at a budget price.

7. Enpass

You were not to remember passwords— Enpass. As the tagline says, Enpass saves you from remembering hundreds of passwords and offering one single solution to all your login credentials. Enpass offers a free plan for everyone that limits the items to 25, and you can access those 25 items only through a single device. Besides, Enpass offers a monthly subscription & a lifetime subscription (one-time purchase.)

You can subscribe to the annual plan for $6 OR purchase it for a lifetime at a value price of $40. Enpass is one of the best password managers for people searching for an affordable solution.

8. Keeper Password Manager

As the name suggests, Keeper saves users by keeping all digital passwords securely. Like most of the password manager, Keeper is universal in nature as it is available for all major operating systems. Besides, Keeper Manager also offers plugins & extensions for almost all web-based browsers. The only drawback is that Keeper does not offer any free services and therefore, you will need to subscribe to the premium version that costs about $30/year. Keeper provides you with all your password managing requirements and delivers a premium experience to the user.

9. Myki

Last but not least, Myki is an astounding solution for iOS & Android devices, and besides, it provides you with web-based extensions & plugins for computer systems. Unlike other password managers, Myki does not use cloud-based servers. Myki is available for absolutely free of charge for single users and costs about $4/month for 5 people/devices.

So if you are searching for something cheap & reliable, then Myki is undoubtedly the perfect go for you.

These were some of the best password managers that you can use and rely upon without doubting a bit.


With the increase in internet users, there is a massive increase in social sites & other applications. Securing social sites & e-wallets is really crucial to be safe from any type of hack or data breach. But remembering passwords is undoubtedly the creepiest thing on the whole internet experience, and therefore, a password manager is a must for every user. I am horrible at remembering passwords, and hence, I use to reset or recover every time of new login.

Today, I shared a reliable list of some of the best password managers to help you get rid of remembering dozens of passcodes. I hope that this article satisfied all your requirements & queries regarding password managers. But if you have any doubts or issues, then comment below, and I will respond to it soon. Also, share this informative article with your mates and free them from the hectic task of remembering so many passwords.

Which amongst the listed password managers, did you like the most? Share your experience.