Telegram Premium, which comes with unique stickers and reactions, is now in beta

A popular messaging service, Telegram now has a subscription service that gives users access to paid and free features. Telegram wants to make money from its popular service. Part of Telegram’s iOS beta comes with ads and premium features that were announced back in 2020 as part of the company’s long-term plan for the app. Here are the facts.

Premium Stickers and Reactions Now Available in Telegram Beta

If you’re testing out the iOS beta version 8.7.2, Telegram has added a lot of new stickers and reactions, according to Telegram Beta. When the Telegram Premium subscription first came out, this was the first time it was on the market.

Free users won’t be able to see these unique stickers and reactions. They’re hidden behind a banner, “Unlock more reactions and premium stickers.” When someone wants in, they’ll have to sign up.

We don’t know anything about how much the subscription plan costs or when it will be available. Reports from Android Police say that there are a lot of stickers and reactions to choose from, including a crying duck sticker, a clown reaction, a thumbs down response, and many other things. You can see what all comes with this.

Many people say that Telegram Premium will start only for iOS users but that it will soon be available for Android users. This subscription service with extra features hasn’t yet reached the general public.

Telegram’s plan to make money is similar to how other social media platforms have tried to make money. Twitter came out with a subscription plan called “Blue” last year that had a lot of unique and paid features, like the “undo” button for users.

Until we get more information on this, we don’t know which Telegram features will be free and paid for. We will keep you up to date on these things as more information comes out, so stay tuned. Here are some things to know about Telegram’s paid service