Apex Legends Mobile upcoming character leaked

Apex Legends Mobile upcoming character leaked: Since Apex Legends Mobile has been available for a while, most of its current meta has already been established. With the most recent season update, the game even gained Loba.

However, the game will take a while to catch up to the main game in terms of material. However, Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t go in the same manner.

The mobile version of Apex Legends does not yet have access to many of the characters, although that may change in the future.

It has long been known that Apex Legends Mobile will include unique characters and features.

When Apex Legends Mobile included Fade at launch, this was well shown, and it now seems that another unique character has also been compromised.

It should be noted that additional characters have lately been revealed for Apex’s basic game, suggesting that Apex Legends is quite the leaky ship.

Newcastle was featured in this before his debut. A new character called DJ, also known as Rhapsody, will join the Mobile Roster, according to the most recent leak from ThatOneGamingBot, which has a trustworthy history.

ThatOneGamingBot does not provide Rhapsody’s picture, but he does disclose several in-game cosmetics related to him, such as UI components, a holospray, and more.

The significant development is that it seems Rhapsody will have a robot dog called Nebula in his toolkit. It was likened to Crypto’s drone by ThatOneGamingBot. Nebula has speakers embedded into its head and is a dog, but not very realistic.

Although it is uncertain if they would appear in season 2 or whether they are much early in the production process, it is possible to assume that they would have skills related to sound based on their name and Nebula’s design.

It’s also likely that Nebula will have the ability to confuse adversaries by simulating gunshots or producing noises, which is similar to a previously released character who was eventually dropped.

Changing the music and noises might be confusing and overpowered in the basic game, but it could work well in the mobile version.

Of course, it is still unclear what Rhapsody’s kit would include. If he is centered on sound and noise, watching how he changes the meta of Apex Legends Mobile when he debuts would be fascinating. The only true indications come from Nebula and his name.