Loba has been added to Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 update

The previous several weeks have been jam-packed with Apex Legends content for fans to enjoy. Season 13 of the main game for consoles and PC was published last month, and a mobile version of the game was also released lately.

Over 23 million gamers have downloaded Apex Legends Mobile since its introduction. Fans of the mobile game just got a slew of new material to check out.

Apex Legends Mobile‘s Season 1 update, Cold Snap, was released on June 14 for mobile players. Players may now experience the new Climatizer Town Takeover on the World’s Edge map, as well as a new “frosty grenade” and Battle Pass, with the release of this update. A fan-favourite character from the console and PC versions of the game is now accessible on mobile devices, according to the creator.

According to a Respawn Entertainment update, Loba, the Translocating Thief, is now a playable character in Apex Legends Mobile. She is not, however, merely switching to mobile platforms.

Instead, the developer said that in Apex Legends Mobile, players might gain legend advancement bonuses for Loba, which alter her gameplay. One of her perks, for example, enables her to take player flags.

Loba is accessible after obtaining level 25 in the Season 1 Battle Pass for those who choose to play as her. Starting on Thursday, regardless of Battle Pass level, the Legend may be unlocked directly from the shop, implying that the teleporting Legend will become a common fighter on the battlefield in the coming days.

Loba’s inclusion in Apex Legends Mobile is sure to pique the Interest of many Apex Legends fans. While the mobile edition of the battle royale has added a new Legend named Fade to the series, there were several notable exclusions when it first launched.

In truth, only 10 Legends were playable at launch, significantly less than the 21 that are now included in the standard game. Loba’s new arrival is likely to give some fans optimism that more iconic characters will be added to the mobile edition of the battle royale.

It will be fascinating to watch how Apex Legends Mobile fans react to the Season 1 Cold Snap update in the following weeks. While Apex Legends isn’t the first battle royale game with a mobile version on the market, the makers seem to be making a concerted effort to set it apart.

Respawn Entertainment, for example, said that further Apex Legends Mobile upgrades are expected in the following days. Those who get into the action on mobile devices can hopefully have a satisfactory gaming experience due to this sustained support.