How Do You Use Finishers In Apex Legends Mobile?

Use Finishers In Apex Legends Mobile: When you successfully deploy a finisher, you will feel victorious over your opponent. This is also true in Apex Legends Mobile. Each Legend concludes with a spectacular and nerve-wracking climax.

In Apex Legends Mobile, this article will show you how to utilize finishers.

In Apex Legends Mobile, how do you execute a finisher?

In Apex Legends Mobile, using a finisher is simple. All you have to do is knock down an adversary and approach it to employ the finisher. 

When you move close to the knocked down opponent, a skull will show on the screen, and underneath it will be written ‘Finisher.’ Your task is over after you press the symbol on your screen.

Another perk of using the finisher move is replenishing your shield to the total capacity. This, however, is just one side of the story. 

While utilizing the finisher, keep an eye out for the knocked player’s teammates since you are highly susceptible. Also, taking damage at that instant will cancel the finisher, and the shield will not renew either.

What are the Legends’ finishing moves, and how do you choose them?

Finishers are the ultimate techniques every Legend uses against an adversary in Apex Legends Mobile. Except for Wattson, Mirage, Bangalore, and Crypto, each Legend has three final moves. There are only two of these four. 

Now you must pick and choose the Legend’s move that you like. You have to go to the main screen and click on the ‘Legends’ tab on the left side of the ‘Play’ button. 

A list of Legends, both locked and unlocked, will appear when you click it. You’ll notice a ‘Battles’ tab on the screen if you click on the Legend you’re playing with. You can select or change the Legend’s finisher move by clicking on it.