In less than 24 hours, Lost Ark surpasses 1 million concurrent players on Steam

Lost Ark surpasses 1 million concurrent players on Steam: It just received its official release in North America, Europe, and Asia. Although the game has its flaws and bugs (e.g., Crystalline Auras not appearing for some players), it is clear that it has become one of the most loved multiplayer games this month.

The game was also announced via press release. It reached one million concurrent users on Steam in less than 24 hours.

These are just a few highlights from its remarkable launch week performance.

  • It reached a peak of 1.325,000,000 players concurrently less than 24hrs after launch. This makes it the most-played game ever, the second-most-played Steam game by concurrent users, and the highest-played MMORPG ever on Steam.
  • Twitch statistics include 1.2 million concurrent viewers and 59.9million hours watched. There are more than 112,000 streams.
  • Within three days of its launch, Lost Ark had more than 4.7 million registered players in the West. 55% of these players are from the Americas and the rest from Europe.

The game was released in Korea in 2019 and is still very popular. It’s also likely to be popular in English-speaking countries. In addition, lost Ark is now available for PC.