How To Get Fish Oil in V Rising

Get Fish Oil in V Rising: Many components are required for the most excellent medicines and leather equipment in V Rising, but one, in particular, seems to be causing players problems. 

Fish oil is a rare element and resource that may gain in various ways, but players who don’t know how or where to look for it are likely to be missing out.

In V Rising, players may gain Fish Oil in various ways, although it’s generally preferable to combine the two. 

Head out into the world with a weapon of your choosing and a fishing rod (no bait required). Vampires should be put on fish oil for a time when they return.

How to Get Fish Oil

The Best Farming Location

The quickest method to get fish oil is to pilfer it from villagers and the chests they keep it. On the other hand, humans will only provide a few fish oil bottles if they are killed at random.

There is an area where drops are relatively common for players that need a lot.

May find The Mosswick Village in the Dunley Farmlands. There are several droplets, but fish oil is at the top of the list. Expect to discover a fish or two in barrels in this location, which may turn into fish oil inside the castle. For those who have mastered the art of quick travel, there is a simple waygate to employ.

Crafting And Fishing

It’s best to learn to fish if you want to make your Fish Oil. Fish may be found in various barrels around the towns, although not consistently. 

Make a fishing pole out of boards, copper ingots, and coarse threads on the castle’s carpentry bench (quantities vary by the server). 

Then go to a creek and use the fishing rod as a weapon to click on the golden places in the water.

Click the left mouse button again when the area splashes and reel in a catch. The catch might range from trash to treasure, but it will provide fish most of the time. 

Bring the fish to the castle’s Devourer (the chest with the tongue). The Devourer will automatically transform the fish into Fish Oil if you place them in the input area.