How to Get and Use Requiem of Twilight in Lost Ark?

Requiem of Twilight in Lost Ark: The Lost Ark song system is an exciting shake-up of the genre, but one song is more coveted than the others by the players. 

Requiem of Twilight is one of the most sought-after songs, if certainly not the most sought-after songs, in addition to the more essential songs like the songs to recall. 

Because of its capacity to establish rapport in a short time, the track is crucial to slow down the process of developing relationships.

With the number of characters and quests and other activities you can engage in within the game, it’s easy to skim over the minor details. 

There’s a good chance that many players have had the opportunity to purchase Requiem of Twilight but failed to complete the task.

 If you’re among those, don’t fret! You’ll still be able to take a few steps back and obtain it.

What Is the Requiem of Twilight in Lost Ark

The Requiem of Twilight is a track that explicitly builds your relationships with most NPCs. You can play it 3 times a day for every character you wish to build rapport with.

To utilize it, pick it from your collection of songs before you first interact with the “rapport-able” character. Mix the music with a few things, and you’ll make time to build your relationship.

To unlock an entry into the Requiem of Twilight, you need to conduct some sea exploration. If you haven’t yet begun your journey on the water, bear in mind that certain areas are not accessible with no proper ship management and upgrade.

How to get Requiem of Twilight

This song comes as a unique reward for completing the quest from Tranquil Island, which is located to the east of the Feiton region:

Be aware it is Tranquil Island is an adventure island. 

This means you’ll need to be watching the Procyon’s Compass to check whether it’s accessible. Also, make sure to examine the alerts which tell you when events will begin within the next 10 minutes.

To unlock it, first, contact Father Diruth to begin the quest dubbed “Island of Eternal Rest.”

When you begin the quest, you must complete the mission by placing flowers on gravestones. Then, you can collect the reward at Father Diruth’s.

The hunt is simple to overlook because Tranquil Island isn’t among the most well-known, and it is located a bit from other famous ones.