How to Fix Audio Services Not Responding Issue?

Windows users have been complaining about problems regarding the ‘Audio Services.’ This recent error is commonly termed as the Windows 10 Audio Services not responding issue. If you are experiencing it, and want to know how to fix it, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will guide you on how to fix the Audio Services not responding issue on Windows 10. I’m going to explain not only one but five working solutions to deal with this annoying error. So, you can make the audio services start working again properly.

What is Audio Services not responding issue?

Windows is popular to serve the best user experience to its users. However, certain errors and issues can make them bitter-sour. One such error is the Audio Services not responding issue on Windows 10. This issue is characterized by a sudden breakdown or malfunctioning of the audio interface. Sometimes, the audio interface may completely stop working.

When this issue happens, users can’t even adjust the volume. This clearly indicates the breakdown of the audio interface. When you’ll click on the volume adjustment icon, it will not respond properly and you’ll receive an error message pop-up saying “No audio device found.”

It is essential to learn how to fix this issue to avoid worsening the situation. But, before moving to its solutions, you must first take a look at its causes.

What causes the Audio Services not responding issue?

The ‘Audio Services not responding‘ issue can be pretty frustrating as it will literally ‘deafen’ your computer. You will not be able to use audio devices with your PC due to the malfunctioning of the audio interface. That’s why it is very important to know how to resolve it. To do that, you first have to understand the causes leading to this problem.

There can be multiple causes of this annoying issue. A common cause is the mishandling of the device. Another common cause is the manufacturing disorder where the company perhaps used outdated attachments. There are some more possible causes like the installation of unsupportive applications, loose connections, and incorrect settings.

How to Fix Audio Services not responding error?

Fortunately, there are multiple solutions available to resolve this issue. If you have figured out the cause in your computer, you can directly use the specific cause. But, if you haven’t, then you can try them all one-by-one.

After applying them, you will have the audio interface up and running.

Solution-1: Check the Audio Output Device

The first solution you can try is to check the audio output device of your computer. To do that, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Locate the speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • Click on the arrow-like mark beside the speaker, a pop-up menu will display the audio devices connected to the computer.
  • Choose the desirable audio interface such as headphones, wireless speakers, default speakers, and so on.

That’s it. Now check if the issue is gone.

Solution-2: Run the Audio Interface Troubleshooter

The built-in Audio Interface Troubleshooter can help you to solve this problem. Follow these steps in order to know what you have to do:

  • Go to the search box and type ‘Audio Troubleshooter’ in it.
  • From the list of results, click on ‘Fix and find problems with playing sound.’ This will launch the troubleshooter.
  • Now choose the audio device for which you are having issues and keep following the on-screen instructions.

Once done, you’ll be notified if the troubleshooter solved the problem or not.

Solution-3: Check for Windows Updates

Updates are provided to improvise the overall system performance and fix the existing bugs. You can check if there is an update available, and if it is, then install it to solve this problem. Follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Start.’
  • Now click on ‘Settings.’
  • Next, click on ‘Update and Security.’
  • Next, click on ‘Windows Updates.’
  • Finally, click on ‘Check for Updates.’

If Windows notifies that there are updates available, then install them. However, if it says you are up to date, then continue to the next solution.

Solution-4: Check for Problematic Accessories

Sometimes the problematic sound or audio related accessories like cables, jacks, plugs, headphone connections, speakers, etc can lead to this issue. You need to check for them, and if you find any, you can fix or replace them.

  • Check the computer for any unattached or loose cords or cables. Make sure that all cables are plugged into the correct jacks. 

  • Check all the ports entering and leaving the audio system. Tighten the loose connections if there are any. 
  • If the connections are not clear then make sure to look for professional help. If professional help is not available try matching the color codes on the wires and go for the obvious output devices. 
  • Make sure the speaker is connected to the power supply and the volume is turned on to the audible range.  Precisely check the individual volume controls of the speakers. 

  • Try using wired headsets in order to be able to connect wires to the computer in place of using wireless technology, because sometimes wireless technology doesn’t work adequately. 

These are some general fixes that can help in all audio interface related issues. However, if you are still struggling with the issue, we have one more solution left for you.

Solution-5: Fix or Update Audio Drivers

Drivers are the key factor for the communication of the OS and hardware. If there are any problems with a driver, you may end up encountering such issues. Follow these steps to fix or update drivers to fix this error:

  • Go to the ‘Search box.’
  • Type Device Manager in it, and open it from the list of results.
  • In the Device Manager, expand the ‘Sound, video, and game controls‘ section.
  • Now find and right-click on your sound card or audio device.
  • Next, click on ‘Update Driver.’

  • Next, click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions and install the latest drivers.

If the drivers are up to date, you can try uninstalling, and then installing them. To do that, just uninstall any driver and restart your computer. That’s it.

Summing it up

Audio Services not responding is a common but very frustrating Windows 10 issue. It can occur due to a number of causes. This is how you can fix it to get the voice of your computer back. If you are still not able to solve the issue, I’d recommend seeking professional help. You can also try visiting the official Microsoft thread related to this topic for further information.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions or ask questions about anything written here.