How To Get Quartz in V Rising

Get Quartz in V Rising: Those seeking the better things in life during V Rising will need to collect a lot of quartz. Each meticulously made window needs a large quantity of refined quartz.

It doesn’t hurt to have a lot on hand, whether you’re flexing on other vampires or simply trying to reach the top of the tech tree.

The problem with quartz is that may find it in stone fields or specified places, but it is sometimes difficult to find. The quartz patches in V Rising develop in clusters; thus, locations with quartz aren’t constantly covered but only in dense areas.

Finding Quartz

The Best Farming Location

The Dunley Farmlands are a great place to visit. Quartz is listed in numerous locations, but the most excellent site is the Dunley Monastery, located immediately to the left of the ‘D’ in Dunley Farmlands on the map.

Take a peek at the territory’s easternmost point after you’ve arrived. I will hide it behind the tallest structure.

Right now, there’s an open field of quartz. There are no local waygates nearby, which is unfortunate for gamers who have enjoyed the ease of swift travel. 

Keep an eye out for high-level vampires on PvP maps looking for lower-level vampires carrying quartz and jewels.

General Advice

Aside from keeping an eye out for hostile vampires in the area, when quartz hunting, don’t be afraid to transform into a bat. The nodes have a dazzling white color and can be seen from afar. 

In addition, players may enter the monastery from the rear without battling the guards in the front.

Like most other stones, Quartz nodes are best gathered with a high-level mace. If there is a danger of violence, return later. Quartz is generally utilized for cosmetic products. Stacks of quartz are lovely, but they seldom stop gamers from advancing on their journeys.