How To Get Clash Royale Trade Tokens

Get Clash Royale Trade Tokens: Supercell’s Clash Royale is a free-to-play strategy game released in 2016. The game incorporates aspects from popular gaming genres such as collectible cards, tower defense, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games. 

Players may exchange cards with other clan members or the Trader in the game. Players will, however, require Clash Royale Trade Tokens to do so. 

Let’s talk about how to obtain these Tokens in the game.

How to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

Players may earn Trade Tokens by completing Challenges, buying them in the Shop, or receiving them as a Trophy Road reward. In Clash Royale, there are four different sorts of Trader Tokens, each with a different Rarity.

To trade with these tokens, players must be at least King Level 8. Otherwise, the tokens will gather without being used. Finally, players may only have 10 tokens of a single rarity in their possession at any one moment. If players get extra tokens, will convert them to Gold based on the rarity of the token.

How Do You Use Trader Tokens In Clash Royale?

May exchange trader tokens with Clanmates or with the Trader NPC. Players may use the Trade Screen from the Trade menu to trade with Clanmates. 

To begin a trade, players tap the Request Card option. Players will need a Trade Token to trade. In Clash Royale, players must remember that they may only exchange Trade Tokens of the same rarity.

Players may request any card if they have the appropriate Trade Token after visiting the Trade Screen. After selecting the card to desire, players must trade up to four cards of the same rarity.

Players may cancel a Trade at any time after it has been placed unless another person has accepted it.

During Clan Wars, players may also trade with the Trader NPC. This functions similarly to the Clanmate trade. 

Players must pick a card to offer to the Trader and a card to receive from the three pre-selected cards. Players may reroll for 10 gems if they don’t like the cards they’ve been dealt.