Rumor: Delayed Nvidia GTX 1630 Could Be Launching Tomorrow

Rumor: Delayed Nvidia GTX 1630 Could Be Launching Tomorrow: This last year and a half have been challenging for anybody shopping for a new Nvidia or AMD graphics card.

Fortunately, the market is recovering at the moment, which is fortunate given that the launch of the next GPU generation is only a few months away.

But, unfortunately, this period looks to end, with the publication of the former’s Ada Lovelace possible in September and the latter’s RDNA 3 cards aiming for an October release.

That won’t happen till team green releases one more thing, however.

It seems from a few rumors on Videocardz that Nvidia is prepared to introduce the GTX 1630, which is expected to happen tomorrow, June 28.

A change to the Colorful retailer’s website also seems to suggest the upcoming introduction of the low-cost graphics card.

This GPU, which will represent the entry-level of the hardware spectrum, is built on the Turing architecture, which was first introduced in 2018, as the prefix GTX implies.

This most recent information follows reports that the release date for the card has been delayed. It was recently stated that Nvidia had postponed the GTX 1630’s release; however, it was not immediately apparent when this would happen.

1630 will include 4 GB of GDDR6 RAM; however, it will run on a 64-bit memory bus as opposed to the 128-bit bus used by the GTX 1650 and 1050 Ti cards from the same generation.

However, it will feature a faster boost clock than the other variants and a 75W TDP. As a result, this will generally be a better card for those seeking something much less expensive but with inferior specs.

The fight to be the top tech company in the world is still on as Intel just introduced their Arc desktop GPUs, which are now exclusively available in China.

Unfortunately, team blue seems to have had difficulty moving forward and may fall behind if the next generation begins to take hold later this year.

Of course, Nvidia will still go up against its old foe. Team green will undoubtedly have its work cut out for them, given that AMD is allegedly developing an extremely potent RDNA 3.

Even yet, neither company will have anything to worry about from the newcomers. It is still early in the game. In any case, not yet.