How To Win Clash Of Clans’ Royal Challenge

Clash Of Clans’ Royal Challenge: The Royal Challenge is a new Clash of Clans (CoC) challenge in which players must get three stars. You’ll get 400 XP and a free Shovel Of Obstacles if you do this. This is significant since the shovel alone is worth around 50 gems. The prize pool is also rather impressive. 

Fans of Clash of Clans (CoC) are enthralled by this challenge. However, many players do not understand how to organize and deploy their assault and defense to get three stars.

 Don’t be concerned! Here’s how to acquire those easy 3 stars by strategically placing yourself on the field.

How to 3 Star Clash of Clans’ Royal Challenge (CoC)

You will see the new in-game scenery accessible in your store in this task. This task will be more spammy than other strategic royal challenges. So, if you follow the procedures below, you should be OK while tackling the Royal challenge in Clash of Clans (CoC).

  • The Northernmost Archer Tower of your map, set up the two P.E.K.K.A.s and your Archer Queen. You should also place one healer to ensure that everyone is alive while fighting.
  • On your way to the Westernmost Archer Tower, You should be able to lay down three P.E.K.K.A. and six to seven Miners.
  • Set up the remaining Miners as a separator at the Town Hall. In addition to the Miners, you should also put up two Hog Riders. As you move in, don’t forget to include the two Healers in the back.
  • It is believed that the Hog Riders and the Miners will be pursuing their targets on the Archer Tower on this side of the map. The Archer Queen moves onto the opposite side to eliminate the archer on the other side.
  • Then, apply the Rage Spell and a balloon to make your move and from the middle. As your troops are repaired, you can ensure that you do the most damage to the enemies.
  • When you use Clone when playing with Clone, you can utilize it in the game’s early stages or later. However, it is best to do it later to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Put a Clone within the center of your scene to duplicate your miners. Because the Balloon is moving towards you in the direction of cloning, you may duplicate it in place of your regular miners. Don’t worry that this won’t be an issue. Since the balloons are clones, they work also.

If you’ve followed all these actions, you’re bound to receive all three points for The Royal Challenge. Let us know if this post can help you succeed in winning the Royal Challenge in Clash of Clans (CoC).